May 9, 2017

Molovinsky As The Dour Prophesier

When I ran as the third person in 2005's mayoral race, The Morning Call gave me almost no press.  In addition to not reporting on my most important press conference, they excluded me from their sponsored debate.  My platform back then was that Allentown was becoming a poverty magnet, which would in the coming years adversely effect the housing stock and school system.  Now, don't misunderstand,  I don't think that Allentown was ready to elect an independent in 2005.  But,  the city would have benefitted from hearing my platform.

Flash ahead 12 years, and the paper is now covering all 9 candidates running, and covering them extensively.  What has changed?  The main change is the current reporter assigned to the city beat, Emily Opilo; She is excellent.  Unfortunately, for me and the city,  in 2005 the reporter was about as biased as they come.  Not surprisingly, he ended up being Mike Fleck's last employee, working on the Pawlowski senate campaign, until the FBI came to town two years ago.  Bill White now continues the bias against me, and labels me dour.  Bill White, until this eleventh hour and year, enthusiastically supported Pawlowski; That alone is enough to make someone dour.  I accept that label as a badge of my independence.

We now have Pawlowski, after installing surveillance cameras downtown, wanting gunshot sound locators.  He didn't mention that we would be needing those things back in 2005.


Dave said...

Of course the problem with throwing technology at at a problem is that it may not solve the problem. Surveillance cameras and now noise detectors are expensive to purchase, install and have an ongoing cost to monitor. All they provide is information on where crimes occur and where likely gunshots take place.

Neither of them are pro-active to prevent crimes, they simply show where they are occurring. Technology can already provide that my mapping crime incidents by type and giving a spatial illustration of where high crime areas are at. Then police can patrol those areas intensely in the belief that a police presence, rather than a camera will deter criminals.

george schaller said...

MM, no matter the reporter the moronic gag never ever reports crime that is a daily activity in Allentowns original carnival location? Infact some are employed by the current administration as flipp flopps and even have reciepients of the pension PACkage pulling permits from far far away destinations, by the way it is total gut and only a electrical permit hangs in window with old outside services.
Is this a design or just the market of blight to bright?