May 11, 2017

Another Week, Another Defender Of Israel

I was back to the Fearless Fire Hall for another excellent event sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Tea Party.   Last week they hosted Pamela Geller,  who they billed as a freedom of speech advocate.  This week they featured  David Rubin,  who they presented to discuss the new American relationship with Israel under Trump.   Although both descriptions are valid,  my interest lies in their mutual love for Israel, and the defense of the Jewish people.

Fifteen years ago West Bank settler David Rubin's car was raked by gunfire from Palestinian terrorists. While he suffered a severe leg wound,  his three year old son was shot in the head.  Both recovered, and Rubin has dedicated his life to children's rehabilitation from terrorist attacks through the Shiloh Israel Children's Projects.

Rubin has no delusions about the intentions of the Palestinians.
While David’s focus is on developing projects for children, he doesn’t hesitate to speak the truth from a position of faith in a way that most politicians seem to be either unwilling or afraid to do. He proposes bold, realistic solutions to counter the forces of evil in the Middle East and in the world.  
Likewise, he believes that the West Bank belongs divinely to Israel.  He is hopeful that Trump will announce that the United States is moving the embassy to Jerusalem when he visits Israel later this month.

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TRENT HALL said...

Re: Mr. Rubin's belief in the "divine" right of the settlers to the land.

If there is one thing history has taught's that the gods make really, really lousy real estate deals, mainly because they simply don't talk to one another. It's always "my way or the highway" with them.

So, while Yahweh may have "promised" the land to Moses, he certainly didn't give it them, as he neglected to tell El (Canaanites) & Dagon (Philistines) about it, for they had promised the land to their people. So, the tribes of Israel were in constant warfare to hold onto their portions of the land. When the Assyrians came Ashur promised the land to them, but, of course, forgot to tell that to Mithra & the Persians. Zeus of course, disagreed, and it was hard to argue against Alexander's Greek Phalanx, which proved inadequate against Jupiter's mighty Roman legions' fabled Gladius swords. Jesus promised the land to the Byzantium Empire, but, neglected to tell that to Allah, who explicitly told Mohammed in the Koran, that any land conquered in his name must remain eternally in his fold.

Since the followers of Allah, whether they be ethnic Kurds (Saladin), Syrians, or Turks (Ottomans), had been in control of the land for the last 800+ years, save for the brief 1918 - 1947 British/French Colonial regimes, it is understandable that the 1948 Israel creation and subsequent 1967 expansion eastward doesn't resonate as "divine" providence to them. Rather, they see it simply as another example of "all power emanates from the power of a gun" (Mao) logic.

If you read Kings/Samuel chapters in the Old Testament, you can see that this is all old news.....the prophets, especially Nathan, are constantly driving King David nuts, always wanting him to wage war against the non-Israelites for access to more territory, while he wants to make treaties and give his people the gift of peace.

If Mr. Rubin is counting on Jared/Trump to convince the Palestinians the land belongs to the settlers because of "divine" right, well, he better keep his powder dry and be content in never having any peace.