Feb 17, 2017

Waiting On A Morning Call Promise

I was told by the top hierarchy of the Morning Call that although they wouldn't print  either my editorial or letter about Wehr's Dam,  that they would investigate and report on my documented assertions. I'm concerned about the township commissioners having allowed The Wildlands Conservancy to cast doubts about the dam's condition with Harrisburg. They attempted to poison the water about the dam behind the public's back. The state in turn sought clarification from the township about the claims by the Wildlands. I provided both quotes and dates from those memos. Two weeks have passed, and this week  they reported on South Whitehall's plans to utilize the house owned by the former mill operator, but ignored the dam issue.  The mill itself was torn down decades ago, and the dam is the only remnant left of this important part of the township's agricultural history.

The article reports that the house will become the township park office,  and be in the important Jordan Greenway project.  It doesn't reveal that the project was formulated, and is being administrated by the Wildlands Conservancy, which still wants to see the dam demolished.  Bill White, their remaining columnist, and closest thing they have to an editorial by the paper,  had previously publicly sided with the Wildlands in calling for its destruction.

Wehr's Dam was sanctified by the voters last November by special referendum. Although sanctify is usually used in the religious sense,  understand that the voters were willing to endure a tax increase to keep their cherished dam.  It has been a destination for generations.

The dam is still standing mostly from my efforts.  To stifle my current concerns about its future from the public, reflects a continuing bias on the paper's behalf.

photocredit: K Mary Hess

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