Sep 29, 2016

The Transfiguration of Ed Pawlowski

I've written before how Pawlowski is trying to re-image himself. On his facebook page he can be seen cultivating the little people,  who will be important supporters, if he can beat the coming criminal storm.
He is also trying to tidy up and explain away some dirty deals that may or may not factor into the investigation of his administration.

One of those shenanigans factored into the recent announcement of unlimited bicycling in Trexler Park.   Pawlowski purchased two distressed real estate parcels from Abe Atiyeh, at a 400% gain for the developer.

The Park Department will shortly announce an ambitious bicycle trail,  extending from the useless Basin Street parcel purchased from Atiyeh,  through Atiyeh's distressed former fertilizer plant parcel, all the way to Trexler Park.  The spandex yuppies will applaud, and Pawlowski will have transformed a sleazy deal into an accomplishment.

As a defender of the traditional park system,  I am particularly appalled at this scheme.  Precious resources will be alloted to construct this path,  while the irreplaceable WPA structures crumble away.  We are in the process of losing the iconic double stairway in Lehigh Parkway.  The landings are breaking up,  allowing rushing water from the roadway to steep through the steps below.

There is no less than three parties who must stand silently by to enable such misappropriation.  That would be the Park Director, the Trexler Trust and City Council.

photocredit: molovinsky


Robert Burritsch said...

I'm not familiar with the parcels that were purchased or where they are exactly. As a side note: I've noticed that Mister Ed has been promoting videos on Facebook of himself about how wonderful he is i.e The Ed Palowski Story (it comes in short and extended versions).

Scott Armstrong said...


From what I glean from folks still attempting to get things done through proper channels nothing works as it should in city hall. Seems most everything is a "can't do". This is especially true with code enforcement and helps explain the mounting number of neglected blighted properties.

doug_b said...

Bicycling is now a religion.

Scott Armstrong said...

By the way Mike, one more responsible party here; the voters.