Aug 16, 2016

Molovinsky's First Post

After viewing the local media, if one would venture downtown, one encounters a rude awaking. Yes, the new buildings are there, but the essential vibe has not changed, the streets are still strewn with litter, and dominated by those that do the littering. Millions of our taxpayer dollars have been spent on a delusion; so lock your car doors and let me take you around, from behind the safety of your computer screen. michael molovinsky

Printed above is my first post on this blog, titled Time For A Reality Check. printed on May 26, 2007.  Now, over nine years later, the only difference is that we have spend a $Billion dollars more, of taxpayer money, for somebody else's private real estate portfolio. Does the sameness mean that I'm prophetic, or as citizens, we are pathetic?

ADDENDUM: According to news sources,  announcing mayoral candidate David Jones thinks that many of Allentown residents are not shareholders in the Arena and Reillyville.  His campaign may well try and harness the disenfranchised.  If he would succeed,  Allentown will become officially politically urban.  Pawlowski tried to dismiss him, with a comparison to Donald Trump.  I suppose that's the ultimate insult by a Democrat.


Jamie Kelton said...

West of 17th Street, and more likely west of Ott Street, Allentown is politically urban already. The people who I grew up with either live in the townships or have mostly moved out of the area.

George Ruth said...

I agree with Jamie. If not for the soft 'wall' provided by the Fairgrounds, LV Hospital at 17th St, the High School and St. Lukes' (old Osteopathic) the decay would have moved west a lot faster. Let's hope the wall holds up. I fear one day the Ag Society will bail and sell the Fairgrounds. Then the Federal Judges move it to used the property for 'affordable' housing.