Aug 11, 2016

Macungie Madness

Both Lower and Upper Macungie have been experiencing enormous growth.  The number of people residing in the townships has increased about 60% in the last  decade,  and together are the fastest growing regions in Pennsylvania.  Between them, there are now over 50,000 thousand people residing in the two townships.  Recently, I posted about the commercialization of the Rt. 222 bypass in Lower Macungie.

Upper Macungie, bi-sected by both Rt. 222 and Rt. 78, has seen the most growth in warehouse construction. That township will now begin developing a new comprehensive zoning plan, hopefully giving the residents  the sense that there is some restraint on development.

One of the more transparent elected officials in the Lehigh Valley, Ron Beitler, serves as a commissioner in Lower Macungie.  Beitler produces an informative blog on the issues affecting his township.

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