Aug 15, 2016

Best Of The Week's Blogs

The Morning Call has a feature each Sunday entitled, Best Of The Week's Blogs.  A clerk at a supermarket I frequent asked me why my blog is never included.  I explained that the paper only includes their own bloggers,  which are also their own reporters. All this brings me to their Sunday  feature blog post, Bill White ready to hang up his fork?  In the post, White wonders if after twenty years of eating his way through Musikfest, if it's taking too heavy a toll on his body?  No Bill, but it is taking a heavy toll on your readers.  So are all your other serial themes, like the Christmas Lights,  Hall of Shame, Fair Cake Taster, Grammer,  etc, etc, etc.  His themes have gotten to the point that when White occasionally writes something else, something relevant,  he has it put on the front page.

ADDENDUM: This isn't the first time I beat up Bill White, and he's actually a nice guy.  Worse yet of me, his columns are popular with the public. Furthermore, I suppose some of my nastiness comes from other issues with the Morning Call.  What's the big deal if Pawlowski doesn't get parking tickets, when the Parking Authority gives away the surface lots needed by Symphony Hall?  What do they mean that J.B. Reilly's project got critical approval? Has he ever been denied?  Who is there to deny him?

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