Apr 1, 2016

Omega Pills and Blogging

I keep seeing Larry King doing informercials and commercials for a supplement pill. He mentions more energy to play with his kids. Now, I get that he dyes his hair, but really, how young are his kids? I'm not much for that kind of research, and by the way, please don't submit comments which ask questions. Do your own research. While I digress to the subject of comments, the less incoming comments here was not unexpected, with the new registration requirement. While registration provides more credibility for your point of view, readers can still utilize a pseudonym.  As reader George Ruth noted on an earlier post comment,  ... it is helpful to readers to 'digest' a comment based on that commentators 'history'. It is much more enlightening. I know that registration requires more commitment, but this blog and your input is meant to contribute to the community.

Anyway, a short peek at King's bio reveals that he's 82, and has been married eight times. I suggest that you both register to comment, and buy omega pills.


Monkey Momma said...

It's not hard to register for a google account. It seems like a reasonable request to me.

ironpigpen said...

All this yack about a "commenter's history" - and yet nobody seems to give a damn about the history of the schmucks like the Mayor and the All-Star Council of Rubber Stamp Apparatchiks who run this town.

Gotta love the City Without Limits!