Apr 27, 2016

Julie Harhart's Revenge

When Julie Harhart decided to act out on her resentment toward Cindy Miller running for the 183rd, the only place to put her support and money was on Zach Mako. Marc Grammes had been put off the ballot for not properly filing a document, and I had decided not to circulate a petition as a Republican.*    What Mako lacked in knowledge of issues pertinent to the job, he made up for in campaign money from Harhart. I have never seen a primary candidate spend so much. He sent out four full size mailers, and seven robo calls, including one at 4:30 pm on election day. When you overlay Harhart's promotion with the candidate's unpreparedness, she should be ashamed of herself.  Let us hope that in the coming months Mako can learn about the issues referred to on his mailers. Although, not very accomplished for 22 years in Harrisburg, Harhart should have ended her career on a higher note.
*Allowing me the option to still run as an independent

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