Mar 3, 2016

Republicans Can't Stand To Win

Pardon me, but I snicker a lot.  Lately, I'm snickering at all those Republicans who claim that they couldn't vote for Trump. Meanwhile, back in reality, he has energized a base more than their two previous candidates for president. Today, Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak about the turmoil in his party.  He apparently wants a more dignified loser, than a cruder winner.  Needless to say, nobody could afford to buy the television time or headlines that Trump has generated.

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ADDENDUM: Some have speculated that because Romney didn't endorse an alternative to Trump, that he was actually trying to position himself to be nominated at a brokered convention.  By tomorrow, we should see who was actually helped or hurt by Romney's speech.

A previous Republican from Manhattan


Anonymous said...


I am no fan of Trump but fear Romney and others in the Republican Party making statements and vows not to support Trump, if he is the eventual nominee, is a huge mistake.

Scott Armstrong

Monkey Momma said...

Energizing the base is hardly a cause for celebration. There have been other egotistical monsters who have "energized their base" and used that hysteria for evil purposes.

All evidence points towards Trump being a liar. A bigot. A racist.

Honestly, MM - I'm having a very hard time understanding how you could accept these qualities in a potential leader of our country. It contradicts many of the posts you have written in the past.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@9:25, trump wasn't my first, or even second choice, however, it appears as if he is to those voting in the primaries. i do not believe that he is an acting bigot or racist. i believe that comparisons to hitler are absurd. although he has made controversial statements about both mexican and muslim immigrants in regard to security, he has not professed or suggested hate for those groups, per se. imo, unless romney and the republican hierarchy prefer hillary clinton, they're making a huge mistake attacking trump at this point.

Anonymous said...

@925am's comment is entertaining. Their description fits current president perfectly.

It's disconcerting that the best we have to offer are people like Trump and Obama. But that's what we have, so we need to deal with it. Am I happy with Trump? No, but not for the reasons most people cite. My reasons center around the fact that he agrees with Bernie Sanders far too frequently for my taste (immigration, trade and single payer health care).

Trump is not a conservative, but he is tapping into the anger many of us feel, and doing it exceptionally well.

The Banker

Monkey Momma said...

I would agree that anger is fueling Trump's rise. Anger and fear.

Personally, I find that I make very bad decisions when I let my own anger and fear direct my choices.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

All politicians tap into our most prevailing emotions, fear and greed. But one thing, these emotions are part of our survival instincts and sometimes are warranted and should be acted upon. They wound up Romney and sent him out just like they sent out Rubio, probably promising Mitt they may be able to get him in at the convention. This is just so much bull shit, we do have a House and a Senate and if they aren't willing to exercise their power, then we have a dictatorship, like they have allowed Obama to be. Does anyone really think he will veto good legislation from the party, no they worry that he may expose the corruption in Washington, Most of which has been at the expense of the American people.

George Ruth said...

What's wrong with anger and fear? Isn't that what Obama used against Republicans in '08 and '12? Weren't we angry and fearful of what President Carter had done in office? From that anger and fear we got Reagan.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Is your argument that Republicans need to rally around a bad candidate's banner because he is going to be the nominee? That seems like a pretty bad argument from someone who holds himself out as an independent.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie@4:41, as i said at the beginning of the post, I'm snickering at the republicans who say that they won't vote for trump, and the democrats, who are going outright bananas because of him. so far, the rank and file seem to indicate that they want trump, so who was romney to chastise him today, especially after seeking his endorsement in 2012. furthermore, so far, trump has made lemonade out of all the criticism. i'm not saying that those republicans opposed to him should "rally" behind him, but they might consider holding their tongue, unless they prefer hillary in the white house.

bernie, you wrote, That seems like a pretty bad argument from someone who holds himself out as an independent.sorry, you labeling it a "bad argument" doesn't make it so. in reality, it's a good argument. at the end of the day, every partisan party wants to win. neither cruz, rubio or romney would have a better chance against hillary in november than trump.

Anonymous said...

When all else fails, toss out the old Race Card ... AGAIN.

Funny thing is, all the over-the-top race-baiting that has been going on these last eight years or so is EXACTLY part of the reason why Trump is doing so well.

Not sorry if the truth hurts anybody's feelings.

Mmm Mmm MMM!

Anonymous said...

If Republicans don't rally behind the nominee we will lose. If those opposed to Trump try to beat him through gamesmanship we will also lose. One thing is clear; Republican voters are fed up with party leaders/elders making decisions for us,often against our will because they believe they know better. If they do that with Trump they might as well give the key to the White House to either Trump or Hillary and kiss their party goodbye. Again, Trump is my least favorite Republican Candidate, but if Republican voters provide him with the most delegates the party leaders better not engage shenanigans to defeat him.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

@5:34, again, as i said before, i don't believe that trump "tossed out the race card". future comments on race will not appear.

scott@6:35, agreed.