Mar 29, 2016

Pawlowski As The Messiah

Readers of this blog know that I have been finding Mayor Ed in denial of the allegations that have permeated his administration. Two subordinates have pleaded guilty to illegal acts, supposedly at his direction. I have also noted here that Pawlowski now seems much more interested in indentifying himself with the little people, as in the marginalized and downtrodden.  Activist  Robert Trotner felt that in his Easter Sunday facebook post,  Ed was perhaps comparing himself with Jesus.
A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice  for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world.  It was a perfect act.  Mahatma Gandhi 
While such an interpretation is beyond my meager psychology and theology background, I find it plausible. Anyway,  realizing that he's not resigning,  I would prefer Ed just to concentrate on the nuts and bolts of running the city, rather than the redemption of mankind.  However, I am sensitive enough to realize that at best,  this must be a stressful time for him.


Rich Fegley said...

I imagine that hanging on a cross is very stressful.

I'm not sure Pawlowski's act was perfect.

ironpigpen said...

I have absolutely no respect for the Mayor or the people who enable him to remain in office.

Dave said...

I have no expectation that Pawlowski will resign anytime soon.

Ed has reverted back to his Chicago roots and is going to stay in office as long as he possibly can. As the FBI is still investigating, and has not recommended to the U.S. Attorney that changes be filed against him, he's not going anywhere.

Pawlowski will be like Rod Blagojevich, who clung to power as Illinois Governor until he was impeached. As city council has no impeachment power, I suspect that Ed is likely to remain as mayor until he's convicted of a crime and a federal judge orders him to jail.

After all, he's innocent until pronounced guilty by a jury, yes ?

ironpigpen said...

Perhaps the NIZ Ed Pawlowski represents as Mayor of the City Without Limits is entirely too big to fail and, thus, our Chicago machine politician will never be prosecuted after all.

The local citizenry won't really object, it is almost all but certain.