Jan 29, 2016

Subpoena and Award Same Week, Only In Allentown

This week Boyle Construction, received both an award from the Chamber of Commerce, and is the subject of a subpoena to the Allentown Parking Authority.  I believe that it may actually be the second  time the company has appeared on a FBI inquiry, the first at city hall. Seems as if the Feds are interested in the new Parking Authority Deck at 6th and Walnut, and it's connection to contributions to Pawlowski's campaign fund.  Boyle beat out other Pawlowski contributors also being probed, including J.B. Reilly, Jack Rosen and Pennrose. None of the mentioned have been charged with any crime. One must wonder exactly what attribute the Chamber awarded.  I had just mentioned in a recent post that both the Parking Authority and the Park Department have been tainted by Pawlowski shenanigans.  Iannelli invited Candida Affa to a recent taping of Business Matters.  She has served faithfully as a rubber stamp on the Parking Authority,  and now has been promoted to City Council.

Although it was my hope to  end the week with a historical post,  this town provides no rest for a political blogger,  as the Morning Call called me announcing my condensed flirtation with running for the state house.

On that subject,  since I dropped out, I have discussed the election with several of the movers and shakers in the local Republican Party.  In my short candidacy, I described myself as an outsider, and that's almost too insider for me.  The values and methods of political parties don't do much for me,  I'll be re-registered as an independent before this ink dries.

My staff informs me that I haven't insulted the Morning Call or Bill White in two days.  Yesterday, Bill White reguritated the Homeless Put Out In The Snow Story.  He repeated a mistake in the paper's first story on the incident,  that the shelter is half a mile away from Zion Church.  As I mentioned before,  the distance is at least double that, and mostly uphill to boot. Hopefully,   Bill will make that walk as research for the next rendition.


Anonymous said...

Will you be at today's State of the City event?

michael molovinsky said...

i will not be at the "event", i only attend meetings if i intend on speaking.

when i verify the distance between the shelter and the church, i will report on my finding

doug_b said...

when i verify the distance between the shelter and the church, i will report on my finding

Use Google Map - they have walking directions - with the distance. No charge for the Comp Sci consulting :)

michael molovinsky said...

doug@11:00AM, there is at least three ways to go. 1. up the steps, 2. up junction street. 3. down martin luther king and up the lehigh street hill, and then 6th street to hamilton. in that storm on saturday, only the third way was feasible.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine making that hike up the hill in the maw of that storm.

Rich Fegley said...

Here is a Google Map.

Walking directions from Pool House to Zion's Liberty Bell

Three-quarters of a mile. A fifteen-minute walk. In a blizzard.

michael molovinsky said...

rich@4:25, thanks for the comment, but despite the google map, i do not believe that it is only 3/4 mile, or only 15 minutes. i doubt if the map even factors that it's uphill.

Anonymous said...

A15 minute walk if you're young, healthy, moving briskly, and it's a nice day.

Pity these poor people in that blizzard.

michael molovinsky said...

@5:51, either route is very steep, probably the steepest in allentown. i will not be hosting any more comments on the route, until i verify the distance.