Nov 27, 2015

President Trump on Hope and Change

I was going to put up a picture of a murdered Christian woman in Syria, impaled by a cross, but it's just too horrible an image to use to make a point; That point being we're concerned about  words that hurt, or being perceived as xenophobic. While they bury those murdered by terrorists in Paris, Obama wants to accelerate closing Guantanamo Bay, he's worried about legal rights. To paraphrase a movie, Obama wants to bring a knife to a gunfight.

As details emerge about the police shooting in Chicago, apparently his inspirational speeches about Hope and Change hasn't translated into changing any facts on the ground, even in his home town, with his former presidential aide as mayor.

The press is appalled, because they think that Trump may have mocked a  reporter with a disability.  I'm worried about journalists being beheaded for trying to report the news, not Trump being politically incorrect.

I can't say that I'm surprised that hope alone doesn't do anything.  I think to the chagrin of my liberal associates,  if the election was held tomorrow,  ............


Anonymous said...

If only more citizens would gather their news from a wide variety of sources. Keep an open mind and most importantly, set aside their loyalty to one political party, they would see a much different future emerging for their family. The course we are on has everyone in peril.

Obama promised to fundamentally change America. He has.

I'd like the old America back - before there's NO going back.

Fred Windish

Jeffrey Anthony said...
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Jamie Kelton said...

Mr. Molovinsky

Hillary Clinton seems to say that she detests Republicans as much as terrorists who behead and torture. President Obama can't even pardon a turkey without bashing Republicans. It is all negative statements from them all the time. I don't like being called a racist or other names because I don't agree with a politician.

That's what you get all the time from them.

Mr. Trump is not interested in the dark side of his opponents. What he says makes us feel good about being Americans, Not too long after he announced his candidacy, I watched him at a rally in New Hampshire. When he walked out on stage and approached the American flag, he stopped to pat and kiss the flag, a little "showboat" kind of thing, but it made a wonderful impression on me.

Ever seen Obama do that?

Dreaming of Justice said...

People have been sponsoring relatives to the United States for decades. I'd sponsor someone, if the cost for such wasn't reprehensively high. As far as Trump is concerned, the media focuses on his verbal foibles because they function as windows into the candidate's relatively closed mind. Reporters aren't being killed in Syria- there are no reporters. There are regime approved journalists and citizen reporters who defy Assad or who defy ISIL. Defiance of any kind in Syria often means a tortuous death.

LVCI said...

Jeffrey Anthony said, "Why not, I asked him, require sponsorship"

Check out this piece in the NY Times.. Why It Takes Two Years For Syrian Refugees To Enter The U.S.

There's a bunch of steps. Number 18 requires they be "Matched with an American resettlement agency." I'm not quite sure this is everything you may have in mind, but it does require someone to be sponsored at least in part.

Monkey Momma said...

If the election were held tomorrow, Obama wouldn't be running. So the Trump comparison is interesting, but ultimately, rather pointless.

Given a choice, I'd choose hope over stupidity and lies. We'll have to see if the electorate is up to voting for President, or if we just want to see a mean-spirited reality show in DC.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@2:28, it could well be hillary and trump come november. pick your liar. i don't think breaking the glass ceiling is a valid reason to elect someone

Mike McIntyre said...

Cannot agree with you, Michael, on several issues. To say that Trump may be politically incorrect is a huge euphemism. This man sounds like a fascist and spews hatred and bull shit braggadocio. He is not fit to be president emotionally or philosophically. He is the ultimate ugly American. To say that you would even consider his candidacy doesn't pass the giggle test.
But what do I know. I had no idea that a second Cold War was fought, and we lost.

michael molovinsky said...

mike@7:08, my cold war statement was to a mutual friend on facebook. i was referring to putin setting up his military in syria, after russia left egypt about 50 years ago. he may well soon confront turkey, a nato alliance. i don't think that he gives two thoughts about obama.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The press is appalled, because they think that Trump may have mocked a reporter with a disability. I'm worried by journalists being beheaded for trying to report the news, not Trump being politically incorrect."

It's a little bit more than him not being PC. He is a racist, a sexist and very clearly mocks the disabled. He is one of the worst things this country has to offer. The fact that the GOP even pay attention to this loser is an indication that Republicans have a problem. I can't believe we've become so nihilistic that this guy, who has never done a second of public service, is the Republican front runner.

Anonymous said...

@12:14 The requirement you point out is a step in the right direction, but not far enough.

Immigrants should have (except in dire life-and-death situations) absolutely no access to the welfare system until they are citizens -- and even then perhaps not until they have paid some minimum sum in taxes. Unless a resettlement agency is posting a bond of the sort discussed, it's really just a fig leaf in terms of true sponsorship.

Let's make sure the immigration of Syrian refugees (and everyone else from everywhere else) is fair to U.S. citizens and taxpayers.

-Jeffrey Anthony

Anonymous said...

Given how the right wing talks, it is a sad time, a very sad time in America.

michael molovinsky said...

anonymous@10:25, i note that the left had no problem with condescending statements toward bush and others

Anonymous said...

Just wish the elementary school name-callers would include in their attacks their own best choice for next president. Why the reluctance?

I'm convinced our nation needs to make a dramatic change in direction. I'm certain that will happen with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Not so sure with anyone else in office.

Fred Windish

michael molovinsky said...

fred@11:12, i can understand the reluctance to admit that their vote is going to hillary, even anonymously

Anonymous said...

Mike/ Bernie,

The Republican Party can't prevent someone from registering as a Republican or realistically stop them from running for office as one if they follow all the rules. Any attempt to remove him from the ballot would very likely result in him running as an independent. That would be a disaster to Republican hopes to take back the executive office. Trump is a seasoned and shrewd businessman who clearly finds politics an easy game by comparison. He is successfully playing the nation’s vast discontent to his advantage and seems be enjoying every moment of it. His most skillful move was, right out of the box, to destroy his main antagonist, the media. To almost everyone's surprise he pulled this off by simply pushing back. With his attack on one of the nation's most unpopular institutions he gained a lot of attention and support. Trump then applied the same technique to his Republican opponents. He used rhetoric that the pundits, political establishment, and media gurus found offensive. They figured the nation would be similarly repulsed. Clearly, they have been wrong.
So, what explains all this? Two things; a dumbed down nation chooses dumbed down leaders, and as importantly, Trump has taken note that Obama's constant use of highly charged partisan rhetoric has worked for him. The president never misses a chance to gain partisan advantage from any situation, no matter how inappropriate. Obama has framed his political opponents as enemies who need to be destroyed. No one has called him on it, and his party loves and approves it. Now Trump is using the same tactic to his own advantage and no one should be surprised that it is working for him. What goes around comes around. Obama lowered the decency bar in politics to a new low and a man expert in that environment has grabbed the baton and is running with it.
Anyone who has been paying attention should not be shocked. The only surprise it that someone besides a Democrat is pulling it off.

Scott Armstrong

Mike McIntyre said...

Scott, Since you directed your comment to me, I feel I should respond to one point you seem to be attempting to make with your statement that Trump: "has pulled it off". Trump has pulled nothing off. He has about 25% of the Republican vote in a primary with a very weak field.. I believe that his campaign of bigotry and bullshit will end in abject failure if he ever makes it to the general election, as does the majority of Republican Party strategists.

LVCI said...

I really truly wish some would stop with this Republican versus Democrats thing. There are plenty of idiots who identify themselves with both parties Anyone can claim themselves to be either a Republican or Democrat. There are no purity tests required. I'd be willing to bet just as many liberals are against handing out money to free loaders. The disagreements lies in how one goes about separating those who deserve help, for how long and how much?

Two Sides Of The Same Coin
There are just as many Democrats at all levels of government who are on the take from big businesses as those who are identify themselves with the Republican party. There's no finer example at the state and local level here in Allentown where Democrats have fed the wealthy nor with Hillary on a national level,. This partisan bickering disgust me. Why can't we talk about our differences without slapping a label on one another as if one or the other was a kook and all were made of the same mold?

Instead of assuming all liberals are, "blah, blah, blah" or conservatives are "blah, blah, blah", we take a few seconds out to listen to what one or the other is saying before lobbing a grenade.

I don't want to get too personal, but I find 90% of the time I agree with what Scott Armstrong is saying, but his partisanship views reflect many of the problems they tend to create. Scott, please reconsider some of the tones you are taking when speaking against others along party lines. Not everyone should be assumed to be a liberal Democrat when they may disagree with some of your views. There are those among us are far less partisan then you may suppose.

Anonymous said...


Just for the record, I was directing my comment to Mike Molovinsky. That said I stand by my comment that Trump "has pulled it off". He has emasculated the liberal media and is polling far better than his Republican opponents. This has gone on too long to be ignored.As Well he has destroyed Jeb Bush's campaign to win the Republican primary. By the way, the Republican field is very strong.
Don't take my opinion as an endorsement. I think this is a disaster. I fear both parties may well nominate very flawed candidates.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


Sorry to disagree; but it is a Republican Democrat thing, whether you are talking locally in Allentown, in PA politics, or nationally. That is just the way it is. The Democrats want not only to defeat Republicans but destroy them. If you disagree with this statement then you have not engaged the process as a Republican or failed to see the modern day Democratic Party for what it is. There simply is no room for compromise in their book. Not all Democrats are bad, but their party has taken partisanship to a new level. It isn't pretty and too few Democrats protest.
In doing so, may I repeat from my original post, they have laid the groundwork for the likes of Donald Trump.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Careful, Scott . . . . you might be labeled a racist. Oh, wait. That's been done already!

I do agree, as LVCI writes, this 'my party or bust' attitude is simply wrong. Both major parties have failed us. One (Democrats) for creating a weaker America littered with failed policies. The other (Republicans) who looked the other way and allowed it to happen. As far as I'm concerned, Americans need to toss out Washington incumbents from BOTH parties. I'll be doing what I can to effect that.

Donald Trump represents a huge problem for everyone in positions of political power.
He's shouting "ENOUGH!" and it's resonating with many Americans. He's also a (true) New Yorker. He doesn't cower in the face of challenge.

BOTH establishment parties want Trump out of the race. Because both parties have failed us, I'm hoping Trump, at least, sticks around long enough to 'flush out' the losers still in control. Maybe even WIN the election.

Our nation is crumbling. We need swift and decisive action to reverse course. Whether it is Trump, or someone else, NOW is the time to change the way Washington does business. But . . . .

Good grief! Hillary Clinton won't be getting my vote.

Let the name-calling begin!

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...


At family gatherings over the holiday I was surprised how many relatives were openly supporting Trump. Others said they would reluctantly vote for him if the choice came down to "The Donald" or Hilliary.

Scott Armstrong