Sep 8, 2015

Small Town Pizza Blogger

The comment was sent yesterday to an older blog post from July; Pennsylvania, A State Of Corruption. The comment, sent through a second person, details alleged corruption by a local police officer, with a background story spanning two decades. After reading the allegation, I forwarded it to Bernie at Ramblings. He claims to be a genuine reporter, award winning, no less. Me, I'm just a small town pizza blogger. Now, I don't mind trying to save a dam or wall, and calling a few officials irresponsible in the process. Hell, I'll even suggest that the mayor and the police chief should leave Dodge. But, when it comes to a specific incident of corruption against an individual, I'll leave that to others, who purport to tackle such issues. In addition to the other blogger, I forwarded the comment to several reporters with local news outlets. If you also have such an allegation, please send it somewhere else, I'm just a small town pizza blogger.

small town pizza blogger trying to save WPA wall in 2013


Dave said...

You don't comment on national or world issues. There are other forums and bloggers for that

You don't comment really on state issues. Again, there are other places for that as well.

You comment on issues that affect Allentown. The park system, sometimes about Big Ed.. sometimes on other things about the city we live in.

That's why I read your comments. I don't usually comment here, but I enjoy reading yours.

Can I get some extra cheese on the pizza?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Michael is being too modest and has broken many stories in his years as a blogger.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Dave: the *cheese* is built into the blog! That's the marketing shtick!