Sep 4, 2015

A Blogging Dilemma

Sometimes Bernie and I wonder who is the bigger bastard, him or me? I suppose it depends on the story. Neither of us pulls punches, but we operate differently. Bernie has some pets, me, I don't like anybody. On the other hand, I don't go to court or send anybody to prison. Another difference is how we handle comments. On Ramblings, comments appear instantly, often encouraging chatting between his readers. Here, because I must first approve the comment, they often sit overnight, from early evening to early morning. This morning, there was over a dozen comments waiting, which bashed Alan Jennings, none of which will appear. Now, I don't mind anybody being blunt and insulting, but doing it anonymously, that's just too easy. Another issue with anonymous comments are their accuracy. On another subject, I opened a comment this morning about the Trexler Trust. It began explaining that the General didn't particularly like the WPA structures. Trexler was killed in an automobile accident in 1933, the WPA construction began in 1935. If you're going to send a vicious comment, light on fact, send it to Bernie.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding those comments that are blunt, annon & accurate?
Not to worry.
Certainly when it comes to Mr. Jennings he is quite pleased to use his name and the Morning Call, once a fine regional newspaper, is more then happy to give him space on the front page.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
I truly respect you wanting to save someone from taking an unnecessary public lashing but I would believe that Alan would be the last to need this type of protection. He is known for liking to debate/fight and, in my opinion, would have no problem trying to resolve any misunderstanding. One reason for staying anonymous, which for me sometimes is the appeal, is I can point out situations that really should be looked at or investigated from other perspectives but doing so with my name attach may otherwise cause a problem for a continued career in a certain field. It may not necessarily be that the commentor is not speaking the truth but instead is the one looking for that same coverage you are providing Mr. Jennings. I think you are not giving your readers enough credit to do their own research on a comment and have the ability to discern between a comment that may have some truth versus an angry troll with a vendetta. More importantly, maybe the numerous amounts of texts waiting for you is actually a testimony to the amount of people who have knowledge or opinions that should be reported on somewhere other than the morning call who will never post anything negative about him.

michael molovinsky said...

@1:52, let me point out that you cannot submit a letter anonymously to the morning call. furthermore, they will rightfully use very few anonymous sources in a news story. when i receive an anonymous comment which i believe has substance, i print it. to print repetitive anonymous cheap shots doesn't interest me. if someone wants to send such a comment, and see it printed, then they must at least sign it.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Jennings has this backwards.

Most of downtown Allentown is already a sea of low income housing.

Instead of advocating for low income housing inside the NIZ, he should be looking for a way to bring higher income housing to the surrounding neighborhoods. Otherwise, those neighborhoods are doomed and will never improve.

Jennings' approach is why Allentown has deteriorated over the last decade (and more). Of course that failed approach keeps him in business.

michael molovinsky said...

@2:49, i couldn't agree more. when i said it 2005, as a candidate for mayor, it was pretty controversial. at that time i mentioned jennings and his organization as part of the poverty magnet. allentown over the last decade, because of political correctness and domination by one political party, has never addressed this issue in a meaningful way. ironically now, allentown is counting on trickle down economics.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised Mr. Jennings is 'jumping into this end of the pool.' In early July, the Obama administration took steps to closely analyze and record data of the racial make-up of neighborhoods within cities and towns. HUD is designing a system to REQUIRE individual neighborhoods by law to include HUD housing in every residential subdivision.

Although the above statement is TRUE, the plan is in early stages (we think) and specifics are few.

It is expected, municipalities and developers will be obligated to 'engineer and re-engineer' neighborhoods to ensure equality. If not, federal funds will be withheld and construction loans denied.

Keep your eyes on this new growth in government control. It WILL become controversial, particularly if existing villages, towns, even neighborhoods are forced to construct their first, or additional low income properties to balance things out.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

The man's a fucking saint.
"Allentown's Own Jesus Christ" as Emma usta'

michael molovinsky said...

since comments concerning mr. jennings and affordable housing have been submitted to both this and the previous post, i have closed comments there, and all future reasonable comments on that topic can be submitted here.

DreamingOfJustice said...

Wow, that picture is the happiest I have ever seen you. Beaming with unbridled joy!


michael molovinsky said...

dreaming @7:11, talking of 7-11, the one at 7th and linden is the convenience store for the strata flats. that reality, like bringing the truth to allentown, is grim business. i leave the smiling for the smoke blowers at city hall and the morning call.

AuH20 said...

Fred Windish's comment above is very important. I have sensed a bit of a 'rush' to development in both upper and lower macungie in the past year or so. I wonder if that is driven by the fear of Obama's push to mandate low income housing into middle and upper class neighborhoods and municipalities.
If anybody has any question of the power of the Federal government to mandate the virtual destruction of a town just google Judge Leonard Sand and Yonkers, NY.

Bernie O'Hare said...

My guess is that most of the anonymous comments bashing Jennings come from the Blog Mentor, who is upset with him for letting me appear on his radio show a few years ago. Comments that appear to be from him are on my blog, too. I started deleting them.

By the way, I am both nicer and prettier than you. That was proved recently at a breakfast where you unnecessarily insulted a waitress, publicly calling her a bitch, for refusing to fill your water glass. But you threw your voice, a trait common among gypsies, and she thought it was me! Then you kept poking poor Lou Hershman until he fell off his seat. You also insisted on calling Bob Romancheck a pimp, although I think you got that one right.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie@8:22, i believe that the daily insults i receive to each of my posts are from the BM. hopefully, in addition to being sued for libel and slander, he will eventually be arrested for harassment.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie@8:22, i do not believe that most, if any, of the comments i received about jennings were from the blog mentor. jennings has cultivated his own distractors over the years.