Jun 4, 2015

Pawlowski Double Downs On Fitzgerald

Pawlowski has put on the happy face by linking on facebook to articles proclaiming Junior Fitzgeralds' not guilty decision, but he knows the situation is far from innocent. Even the most avid supporters I know were disappointed when they found out that the Fitzgerald family turned down the ARD offered by Martin. They believed that the family was defending Juniors' future, so he would  be able to follow his parents footsteps in law enforcement. The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program would have allowed that, by expunging the arrest record. The Fitzgeralds declined, because Junior would have to admit that he pointed a gun and apologize to the detectives. Supposedly, he was a model suspect because he did apologize while in custody. Handcuffed to a wall in the Whitehall Township police station, Christopher Fitzgerald apologized for pulling a gun on two detectives and insisted he only did so because he was scared. The Morning Call, May 29, 2015. Another condition of the ARD was that their attorney, Jack McMahon, would have to retract his assertion of racial profiling. Even though McMahon was willing to do that, and recommended accepting the ARD program, the Fitzgeralds declined on principle. So, the chief and his family had an opportunity to avoid the trial, avoid the insinuation of racial profiling, and most importantly, avoid the tension with fellow law enforcement, but chose not to. Pawlowski can double down with facebook, but lets hope he's not really proud. The credibility of law enforcement was eroded by a man that we brought here, and are paying to defend it. Although those who defended the Fitgeralds,  before knowledge of the ARD offer became public, are privately disappointed, you won't hear them admit it. It's too politically incorrect, they would rather double down.


Anonymous said...

How can I, being so politically correct, of course, ever come downtown and spend my hard-earned money patronizing shops and restaurants in the spectacular, new NIZ when I know that a bunch of racist white cops are running around on the loose in The City Without Limits desperately trying to undermine their police chief and transformative Mayor Pawlowski?

My conscious just will not allow for any bullying, especially not from thuggish police.

I understand the need to sensationalize and sell newspapers in order to turn a profit but maybe The Morning Call should have put more time and thought into their own narrative of this story?

What happens when The Morning Call's attempt to tinker with my politically correct emotions backfires big time?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate how the one juror proclaimed that scared she, too, is to drive the streets of Allentown.

The Morning Call, with all their zeal to hammer one more nail in the coffin of the two racist white cops, inadvertently digs the grave of commercial activity in the precious NIZ?

Progressive irony on full parade.

michael molovinsky said...

@9:32, i don't believe that the morning call dwelled on the racial aspect, but it was mentioned in a couple of articles, and that paste doesn't go back into the tube. their coverage was blatantly biased in the defendants favor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Knowing that he was offered ARD means that Fitzgerald really took a chance. Had he accepted this offer, his record would be expunged and he could go on with his life as if nothing had happened. I know of no good lawyer who would recommend Fitzgerald to go to trial in the face of such an offer, and I believe that to include McMahon. He knows better than most that lots of things can happen in a jury trial, and for a criminal defendant, they are mostly bad things. He should have taken this deal, which seemed completely reasonable and fair.