Apr 23, 2015

Your Vote Counts On The Local Level

If you are going to complain about the parking meters, slumlords, trashed neighborhoods, crime, absentee landlords, blight, homeless issue, graffiti, lack of government transparency, lack of city services, illegal dumping, traffic, lack of community engagement, lack of green space, unsafe streets, lack of youth programs, etc then you need to get out and vote on May 19th for the candidates that you feel will do their best to address the issues in the city. It is the local government who makes decisions that can affect your life right here in Allentown. Local elections determine what happens in your neighborhood, from your water to your recyclables, from your public safety to your quality of life. Your vote doesn't matter? Truth is, local elections are where the power of one vote is greatest. Local elections are frequently decided by a handful of votes. This year’s election will be your opportunity to exercise that one vote and have a voice in who represents you in our local government. By Julian Kern, candidate for Allentown City Council

Addendum:  Julian Kern For City Council Website


DreamingOfJustice said...

Julian, you'd have my vote if I lived in the city limits. If you have a bank account for your campaign set up, I'll make a donation.

Anonymous said...

U got my vote Mr. Kern,
Than if and when you try to fill the Iron Ladies stillettos just don't sellout or be paid off by some slumlordian or LLC land holding counterparts for the all too familiar flopp of Allentown pa¿

Rentals LLC owned must have work done by proffessionals not the many floppers with paintbrush in hand never addressing the subterrainian mechanics under there shinny new coat of paint only to sell to someones sisters brothers cousin and there name on the deed because the occupants are sold as owners, and are recipiants of public assistance¿ Its the same old RePete able flopp as to whats in the flopp for allentow pa¿

patent pending

Julian Kern said...


doug_b said...

I applaud your youthful energy, and practical ideas.

Having left PA in 1971, I have visited infrequently. Each time the experience grows more depressing. Once you're away from A-Town for a while - you see how hopeless the situation really is. Sorta like a beautiful 1965 Mercedes - but it's frame is completely rusted out.

Allentown has many problems: Lack of middle class employment, trapped between Philly, Newark, NYC (none of which is a good influence), poor housing stock from 1920's, and streets not designed for the 21th century.

Looking at photos on your website: it's obvious that Allentown has gone past the point of no return. No middle class people (in sufficient numbers) are going to invest in Allentown - Why? More importantly how could they exist without jobs?

Democrat's love to fill situations such as Allentown. The Liberal Mind seeks to control / organize other people's lives. All they need is money - OPM (other people's money). Parking fees / downtown taxes / restaurant taxes / you name it. Then when that's not enough they will find a way for Harrisburg to extract money from surrounding counties.

I see no hope for Allentown - much of the central core of homes needs to be torn down. Instead the Dem's are going to build apartment (section 8) buildings.

Having your mind, ideas, and energy, I would find a project that has a better possibility to be achieved.