Apr 17, 2015

The Morning Call's Pawlowski

There used to be a billboard on the New Jersey border that said You have a friend in Pennsylvania. It can be said that want-a-be senator Pawlowski has a friend in The Morning Call. Actually, it's sort a new friend. Neither current reporter on today's Call article really knows that much about Pawlowski. Although Pawlowski has only been in the valley less than twenty years, the reporters have been here only twenty minutes. Their frame of reference is the Morning Call archives, whose stories were as distorted then, as they are now. If historical accuracy and truth are what you're looking for, this blog is one of the few places that you're going to find it. In today's timeline on Pawlowski, they write that in 05 he beat former mayor Heydt in what was then the most expensive mayoral race in Allentown's history. Actually, there was a third candidate then, a self-funded independent. Although I only got a few percentage of the vote, I attended over thirty events with Pawlowski. Night after night, I suffered through his same power point presentation, and heard his well rehearsed feigned sincerity.

Because Pawlowski has been mayor while Browne and Reilly created the greatest state sponsored private windfall in history, his campaign manager has a story to tell. We here in Allentown know the real story. That story involves dirty streets, crime and no improvement in the quality of life. So, plug your $2 into the parking meter, and listen to the Morning Call's version.

UPDATE:  Ed Pawlowski has officially announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate this morning.  From his website :  I intend to spend the majority of my time calling donors and  doing the hard work required to defeat an incumbent senator.  Ok Ed, but who will be running the city for the next  two and half years of your mayoral term?


Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that The Morning Democrat (Call) has a 20 image historical photo section on our illustrious mayor as part of their cheerleading of his senate run.

michael molovinsky said...

@5:21, they're welcome to use my photograph above, if they think it will help

Anonymous said...

I have a relative who is a highly respected city planner, even to the point hold high ranking positions in national professional organizations. This person has turned around a city about the size of Allentown. This whole "transformation" is being followed closely and I can only say that the wholesale opinion among professional urban planners is that this house of cards is doomed to fail once our tax money disappears. I'm sure mayor Ed wants to be long gone by the time that happens. This all looks like he's planning his escape.

If, beyond a snowball's chance in hades, he does make it the the senate (shudder!)the 6 year term and generous pension of a US senator will put him right into the political heaven of retirement right about the time the house of cards that is this boondoggle falls into itself. And we're left holding the bag, of course.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:13, the NIZ funding mechanism is for 30 years, so it can't fall, because the state tax payers are on the hook for the duration. it has already failed in terms of excitement or change. although there are new buildings and businesses, the climate and ambience on hamilton street hasn't changed one iota.

Anonymous said...

The great Transformation is going very well.

The visionary Pawlowski is to be lauded.

The Morning Call ranks right up there with the New York Times.

DreamingOfJustice said...

What a schmo!

Tap-dancing his tawdry way through a farce of a career in "public service"!


Guy Williams said...

Talk about a hard sell. Money spent to promote Ed as a candidate for the US senate. Nothing more than an exercise in political theater with a strong scent of comedy and ego building wishful thinking. Especially when he has been overlooked by his own party leaders in state and federal positions to take advantage of his so called political capital. If he cant get hired by a Governor or President what makes him think that the state voters will want him as their junior senator. What a waste of time and money. Cant wait to see this dog and pony show and find out who orchestrated it.