Mar 17, 2015

A Slice Of No Class

The Allentown Municipal Golf Course, aka Benner Fairways, always had a classy look. The entrance off Tilghman Street could have been taken for a country club. No more, enter Pawlowski and an oversized sign for Jack's Pizza. This monstrosity of a sign ends another long term Allentown tradition. Benner was Harry Trexler's secretary. Besides Pawlowski, who approved of this dominating illuminated sign? The Benner Fairways will now be known as Jack's Pizza, how crass can we get?


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the new electronic billboard at the Hamilton Street bridge is on city property? It ruins what little glimpse you might get of the majestic Lehigh River as you drive from downtown toward the East Side of the city.

The reason I ask is that I think the city allowed a similar sign in Jordan Park along MacArthur Road.

I haven't seen the golf course sign yet, but there seems to be a pattern here of adding eyesores to areas of natural beauty.

Obviously Pawlowski has no concern for the environment, but when will one of the rubber stamps on council stand up and propose a way to stop it? I thought Democrats were the ones who cared about nature, or is that just when they can score political points with it?

I can't wait till Pawlowski has control of the School Board so he can bring this kind of forward thinking to the school district as well.

Rich Fegley said...

Underneath the lower Jack's sign there is a custom made sign for the Brew Works on the Green. The Fegley's made sure our sign matched the design and style of the existing Golf Course sign. We paid to have the sign raised and ours put underneath.

The BWG sign was probably too small but this is all the City would allow us. The property management was terrible when it came to lighting the signs and the driveway leading to the clubhouse which would sometimes be in total darkness in the winter.

So, who approved this tacky sign?

michael molovinsky said...

mr. fegley@9:33 is referring to under the municipal golf course sign. while a illuminated sign, larger than the golf course sign, was installed for pawlowski's Jacks pizza, the fegley's had to do with a name plate, occasionally lit by a small spot beam. allentown is tough on sign regulations, but none of them have been applied to the new hideous sign.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Pave paradise..put up a pizza sign..

Anonymous said...

You mention that Allentown is usually tough on sign regulations, and you're correct. I can't imagine a regular taxpayer being allowed to put an illuminated sign in a "park"-zoned area, even if their business is adjacent.

But really it's just another example of how there are two sets of rules in Allentown, one set for cronies and one for everyone else. The NIZ is perhaps the best example of that, as favored projects get little scrutiny but lots of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

6:50 The electronic billboards you reference are indeed against Allentown zoning. However, as part of the NIZ process, City Council gave Pawlowki power to over-rule ANY and ALL ordinances if he feels there is some City interest. I believe that special waiver was the argument Mr. Atieyh used when he sued the City regarding electronic billboards in the City until he ultimately acquired the rights to the lease. Good for him. However, many of the advertisements are for his own businesses and I suspect the revenue Allentown expected to get falls far short.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski probably approved the sign to avoid the embarrassment of Jack's Slice failing and not paying rent, just like the prior tenant. Pawlowski evicted Brew Works in favor of two downscale establishments. The first went belly-up and failed to pay rent. The second has desecrated park land with a shabby commercial sign. Thus, Pawlowski has reduced city income, disrupted a branch of a successful business, deprived Allentown of a high quality restaurant on our Municipal Golf Course, and reduced the aesthetic beauty of a major City asset.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski cannot listen to anyone but his gut or someone with a hairbrained money making scheme. I would like to know what assets he will rent to bailout all the failed projects looming. Why does Allentown leadership always have to try
And copy Bethlehem's ideas. How many main streets can the valley support?

Oh yeah, the sign along the stately Tilghman St. is
totally inappropriate. The minute man statue weeps!