Mar 11, 2015

A Primary For Allentown City Council

The race for City Council has gotten interesting, by Allentown standards. By that I mean the suspense will be the May primary, when Pawlowski's minions are challenged by the outsiders. There is even one Republican who will be on the ballot in November, a political species not seen in Allentown in decades. As I posted previously, Pawlowski has created a PAC to finance and publicize his intended yes men. To their dishonor, this PAC is also endorsed by state representatives Mike Schlossberg and Pete Schweyer. The yes people include Candida Afif, who sits on many of Pawlowski's appointed boards. See someone on many boards, and you're looking at a yes person. The most viable contender in the outside Democrats is former Police Chief Roger MacLean. Roger has the right stuff to be the first independent in the Pawlowski era, the question is do the voters still have any discretion? MacLean is viable because he realized that in Allentown only the Democratic ticket can win in November. The lone Republican is the old warhorse Lou Hershman. Nobody knows Allentown and the issues any better than Lou. Unfortunately, those criterion mean little to the sorry voters of Allentown.

This post is an analysis of an article by Emily Opilo in The Morning Call 

The warhorse Lou Hershman, a molovinsky photo


Anonymous said...


Allentown voters my want to rise from their slumber for the May primary.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:19, it seems that unless there is some cheese melted on it, these dogs don't rise for nothing.

Anonymous said...

It's pay to play in The City Without Limits.

DreamingOfJustice said...

Let's try and face the discordant music, though: Dem or Repub the streets still wont be plowed adequately, the housing stock will still be deteriorating, the gas lines and water lines quietly rotting. Sure- try and get ANYone else in but Pawlowski. I doubt it will make any serious difference.

-Unless the new Mayor is an Independent.