Jan 13, 2015

Fighting Terrorism

In United States, one well read speech at a national convention can put you in the White House four years later. In Israel, the price of admission is much higher. Sabena Flight 571 was hijacked on May 8, 1972. When an elite team of Israeli commandoes burst into the plane, they were led by Ehud Barak. Barak would later become Prime Minister, and currently serves as Defense Minister. One of the commandoes was shot by friendly fire in the close quarter gunbattle. That former commando is in Washington today, to speak with the former speech reader. Although Binyamin Netanyaho would recover from his bullet wound, four years later, his brother was killed leading the raid to free the hostages at Entebbe.
We did not look for wars. They were forced upon us. But when we were attacked, we did not have the right to lose a single time. And when we won we returned to seeking peace. Today, I suggest to those who seek war not to make the same mistake again. Do not disrespect our ability ... we are prepared to physically defend our land and morally defend our heritage. Shimon Peres, May 9, 2011
photo of Israeli Commando Binyamin Netanyaho

reprinted from 2011 and 2012

 Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of the Raid on Entebbe.  Although the enemies of Israel (and the Jews) continue to blame that tiny state for all the troubles in the Middle East, history and current events indicate otherwise.

reprinted from July 2013

UPDATE January 13, 2015:  This post was previously titled Defending Israel. Netanyaho was well entitled to participate in the march in Paris, Israel has been defending against terrorism for decades. Likewise, United States need not apologize for not being in the march, this country has spend the most blood and treasure in this effort. This war is much more than a march, but a prolonged conflict, far away from a one day media special.


Anonymous said...

I have to respectfully disagree about it being appropriate for Netanyahu to be in France. The French pointedly told him he was NOT welcome, and that should have been enough. By going after being asked to not do do, he showed disrespect for the safety and security of France and all in attendance. http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/.premium-1.636557

michael molovinsky said...

anon@8:13, you read the huffington anti jew/israel post too much. netanyahu was going to go to paris because four more jews were murdered simply because they were jewish, a pattern in france. after he announced that he was coming to paris anyway, hollande phoned and invited him. hollande's not wanting netanyahu to come is part of the french appeasement which has contributed to the terror there.

Anonymous said...

Citing Haaretz somehow leads you to claim I HuffPo... (which I do not)

Interesting...Maybe it's you who needs to broaden their sources... Getting all of your ideas from AIPAC and the JDL can't be a good thing.

doug_b said...

It's a real war. Civilized people against 11th century barbarians, who use a religious text to ligitimize murder / rape / intolerance. Considering there are 1,000,000,000 Muslims in the world - if 1/10 of 1% are radicalized - there would be 1,000,000 terroists - I believe there are more than that.

All those marches are garbage. I see no plan to eradicate these terrorists. The best the US can say is: "the key to fighting terrorism is good intelligence, so we can stop them". This is not a winning stratgey - it just puts them at bay.

We need to go over to Iraq with about 50,000 troups, and kill all the ISIS fighters, say in about 2 weeks, and then LEAVE.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:42, i apparently misread your source, but not your predisposition

michael molovinsky said...

doug@9:52, i don't believe that there is a will for that. isis is also firmly in syria. imo, we must stop the scapegoat belief that middle eastern turmoil is because of the israeli-palestinian situation . the current dynamic is largely a sunni/shite conflict. we should also resist the urge to impose democracy, a value largely not shared there. that said, the christian communities remain vulnerable and must somehow be protected.

Anonymous said...

If anyone understands the danger of Islamic terrorism it is country of Israel.Does Mr. Netanyahu have the basic human right to travel to Paris for a rally ? Of course He does.In todays world what country would be against the travel of world leaders in order to establish better diplomatic relationships.