Dec 3, 2014

Pawlowski Christmas Gifts At Taxpayer Expense

According to an article by Emily Opilo in the Morning Call, Pawlowski's 2015 budget gives managing director Fran Dougherty a 19% raise. Those interested in the facts and figures can read the article, this analysis dwells on the unsaid. Pawlowski justifies the increase by comparing Dougherty's salary to other nearby managing directors. What he fails to note is that in those cases there are no mayors, and that those directors are in fact the chief administrator. Comparing one municipality to others is a favorite bureaucratic technique for proposing new regulations, ordinances and salary increases. That tide rises all their boats. Julio Guridy, Chief City Council Cheerleader, defends the increase. Jeanette Eichenwald, Chief City Council Critic, questions the increase. Before I end this report, let me clarify that I have no position on the proposed salary; Twice a month Pawlowski sends Dougherty to represent him at council meetings, and it is he who must answer to Allentown's Iron Lady.

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Anonymous said...


If the city manager effectively runs the city what does Ed do? Not sure anyone knows the answer to that. I can still remember when he ran for mayor the first time he said he had the administrative and managerial skills to do the job, then immediately upon election declared the demands of the office were too much for a single person. The local media at the time, in love, accepted such conflicting wisdom without question.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


My question was going to be the one you just answered- "What does the mayor do exactly?"

The mayor makes almost 100 thousand, not including benefits. Is he a cheerleader? A ceremonial ribbon-cutter? I thought that under a strong mayor form of city government, the mayor actually governs. Doesn't Allentown operate under the strong mayor form?

The Role of the Manager:

Unlike the council-manager form of government, cities with the strong mayor form of government do not have a city manager. Department heads report directly to the mayor. A chief of staff may serve as the mayor’s right-hand person in dealing with the day-to-day operations of the city so that the mayor may have a more external focus.

Anonymous said...

I have since discovered that unlike Bethlehem, Allentown does not have a Strong Mayor government, rather Mayor-Council. That being said, he is allowed to have a "manager".

Next question: Why is a mayor paid over $100 thousand to not manage the city?


Retired APD said...

This mayor is a typical Chicago politician who thinks this is a fiefdom rather than a third class city in Allentown. This mayor is the first mayor to have a managing director. This includes the last four mayors (Afflerbach, Heydt, Dadonna and Fischl). In addition, he has a communication director to take the heat when it is on. In this time of a fragile economy, you cannot justify these massive wage increases to the working men and women of this city.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Retired A.P.D. for being vocal on this...I have watched our beautiful city become more like
"Fast Eddie's" inner city home town for the past 12 years now, including my neighborhood. We need to "clean out" City Hall and Council
first, before we can correct the rest of our "ills".....PJF

Julian Kern said...

Pawlowski makes 95,000 a year. Whatever you not question or disagree with him. He will block you on social media and in person will tell you it's your opinion.

I agree we need to clean out our current city council cause right now we have too many rubber stampers on council who just vote yes for whatever the king wants. Jeanette Eichenwald is the only one who is not afraid to question the administration and vote no when the king wants something. Did you hear that he wants to borrow 21.5 million dollars for city improvements.