Oct 6, 2014

The Party Machines

I've worked with a local Democratic activist on several causes who would like to think of herself as bipartisan. When I asked her why she was working for my Democratic opponent, Terri Powells, she stammered and said that she and Terri met Michele Obama together. Powells herself, lists her experience as having campaigned for Barack Obama. Apparently, in Democratic circles, having worked on a campaign counts as relevant experience. She is also being endorsed by some unions, although she never actually worked on an issue. Likewise, local Democratic promoter Sam Bennett has held fund raisers for her. All the local elected officials and advocates know me from my involvement in one issue or another for the last two decades, although none has crossed party lines and publicly endorsed me. I've been told that when they close the curtain, they vote their true choice. I don't think that's good enough. I think that's why Harrisburg is paralyzed. I ask those, in and beyond the 183rd District, who want more choice politically, to contribute to my campaign. I have installed a paypal button on the sidebar, thank you.

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