Aug 24, 2014

The Hamilton Boulevard Makeover

I was present at the South Whitehall meeting for the presentation on the proposed makeover of Hamilton Boulevard, between Lincoln and Cedar Crest. Because I believe so strongly in level playing fields, the plan initially rubbed me the wrong way. I commented that it was a gift to Dorney Park and Ice Cream World, at public expense. The plan shows a pedestrian crosswalk halfway between Lincoln and Cedar Crest, with sidewalks, trees and other features to soften and slow the current highway feeling. There have been pedestrian fatalities, and I'm sure many near misses, on that stretch of road. Commission President Christina Morgan and others believe that for public safety, the changes are long overdue. Upon reflection, I agree with them.

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Anonymous said...

I have reservations about the proposal.

If the sidewalks are going in at taxpayer expense, then it is indeed a gift to Ice Cream World, Dorney, and the hotels that serve Dorney patrons. If they have to pay for their sidewalks like everyone else, then maybe that's a little better.

In either case, I'm not sure putting a crosswalk there makes things safer. If anything, it might actually encourage more pedestrian crossings over what will still be a wide and dangerous highway. To believe that once encouraged, pedestrian crossing will only occur at one designated area, is a bit naive.

Public safety might be better served by installing a concrete divider, making any crossing impossible or perhaps only with a break at the suggested crossing.

Beyond that, the neighborhood across Hamilton might want to brace for an influx of Dorney patrons parking near their homes as they try to avoid Dorney's parking fees.