Aug 29, 2014

Conduit To Harrisburg

As a local activist and blogger I've heard all the complaints about local government over the years, If only Lehigh County did this, and Harrisburg done that. I've heard all the complaints about the ingrained two party system, What we need is less partisanship and more choices! The rise of Tom Wolf against an incumbent governor is testament to the degree of dissatisfaction with state government. His success has not come cheaply. He spent a record amount of money advertising in the primary. I believe that with your help I can become the first Independent in Harrisburg. I need your contribution to get my message out in an incredibly large district, stretching from Rt. 22 to the Blue Mountain, from Slatington to Bath. Although many of you do not live in the 183rd, I'm still counting on your help. Decisions made in Harrisburg affect all residents, regardless of which district you reside. My efforts will be for best policy, regardless of any political party considerations. Contributions can be made through the paypal button on the sidebar.

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