Jul 28, 2014

History Threatened In South Whitehall

The history of South Whitehall was threatened this weekend when an overweight truck went over Wehr Mill Covered Bridge. The Township has taken necessary precautions, and closed the bridge until it can be inspected. Unfortunately, another historic aspect of that location is still under threat. The Wildlands Conservancy is still using it's influence to convince the township that Wehr Mill Dam, next to the bridge, should be demolished. Last year, Lehigh County wanted to demolish Reading Road Bridge, a historic stone arch bridge from 1824. The misguided public works director said that it was obsolete, and not designed for today's vehicles and traffic. Imagine if he also wanted to demolish Wehr's Covered Bridge, for the same reason. The township commissioners apparently appreciate the value of Wehr's Covered Bridge. Let us hope that they also come to realize the historical value of Wehr's Dam.

Blogger LVCI opines on Wehr Mill Dam

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