Feb 13, 2014

When Allentown Came To A Standstill

Thirty one years ago, almost to the day, Allentown received a record snow storm of over 25 inches, not counting the drifts. It snowed 5 inches an hour on February 11, 1983. At the time I was living by West Park, and joined in the neighborhood effort to dig out West Street. Despite those efforts, occurring all over the city, there was no place to go, and no place to park. If Allentown still has the neighborhood fabric for such efforts is questionable.

photocredit:The Morning Call


ironpigpen said...

Still the undisputed heavyweight champion of local Allentown history.


Anonymous said...

Was it a heavy snow or was it a powdery mix? I know for a fact, if I was to dig all my sidewalks and my parking spot out of25 inches of snow, I would have cardiac arrest.

Anonymous said...

proudly able to say that Walnut St does! The 2 or 3 blocks by Youell's. Neighbors have been out snowblowing, shoveling, and someone even has a plow attached to a four-wheeler.