Feb 3, 2014

Time, Money and Cheap Locals Keep Pawlowski Here

Unless Rob McCord becomes Governor, Allentown is probably stuck with Pawlowski for at least the next four years. Seems as if his pesky city responsibilities helped keep Ed from devoting enough time to fund raising.."Every time I sat down to make fundraising calls, another issue would come up that would require my attention," he said...Stepping down will allow me to focus all of my energy on the job that I really love: being the mayor of Allentown,"I didn't know that anybody twisted his arm to run for governor. Also the locals contributors here seem to lack the vision necessary to properly fund one of their own. McCord traveled here in the snow to receive Ed's endorsement. I'm not sure which part of Pawlowski's announcement today should offend Allentonians more, but one thing is clear, his heart clearly isn't here. I did not attend the news conference, this analysis is based on local news sources.


Anonymous said...

The one that should offend all Allentownians at home and abroad should be his blatent theft of services to his position being the so called Mayor of Allentown pa? Is this a legal action of a full time position in a city of third class or does the Home Rule disallow this act causing a pension loss for time spent on the short bus trip?

patent pending

Anonymous said...

How about Obama on hundreds of golf outings and non stop campaign trips?

And then there are hundreds of millions spent on his wife visiting the world.

I think all this is customary in politics. As long as services are maintained, I don't care who actually gets it done. In fact elected officials aren't as effective in operating work as the direct managers.

Anonymous said...

What will become of Ed's bus?