Oct 22, 2013

Political Science 101

Local professors of political science have been collecting Tom Muller's campaign flyers. They will be used as source material for future courses about negative campaigns. Each successive 8 1/2 X 11 flyer is more negative than it's predecessor. Campaign manager Mike Fleck told the National Enquire, A man's gotta do, what he's gotta do to win. Muller's business experience has been sanitized. Scott Ott's experiences have been marginalized. Ott's comments as a commissioner have been taken out of context. Muller's campaign is being assisted logistically and financially by the Democratic State Committee. Muller keeps telling everybody that his heart isn't into politics, apparently, neither is his conscience.


Anonymous said...

Mike, T Mueller as a Member Of L,C,A, APPROVED a loan to purchase city of allentowns Water and sewer lease. Borrowed 280 million but will be payin 301 Million in principal and 401 Million dollars in interest. Can ou see him doin this as County Executive. Bankruptcy under Mueller.

Anonymous said...


I think the tone of the campaigns highlights the differences between the candidates.

Ott remains positive and upbeat, Muller goes right for the negative and personal attacks.

We always hear that people want positive campaigns and are sick of the negative, so this seems like the chance to prove it. Hopefully Muller's smear campaign won't be rewarded.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:08, unfortunately, i believe that political advertising is rewarded. content aside, muller has sent out no less than three slick flyers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You should be delighted that Muller is running a negative campaign. That's what candidates do when they are behind.

I don't care for personal attacks in campaigns. But think negative campaigning, which is different, is an important tool.

Ott is being properly taken to task for what he has said, and I think that Ott the County Exec would gut many of the programs that hellp our seniors, would try to close Cedarbrook (I agree with him on that one) and would alienate the workforce with ridiculous, just as he's already alienated the courts and the DA.

He has no experience actually leading people, and his condescending style will turn people off.

He will likely be elected, and I am thrilled bc i will have reams to write about for 4 years, though he'll probably quit before that bc he has a tendency to leave jobs unfinished.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie@9:32, win or lose, i would hope that muller will thank you for your tireless efforts on his behalf.

if you can separate personal attacks and negative campaigning so distinctly, i assume you can skin grapes.

because ott dared suggest than an organization that has a multi-million $dollar surplus may not need additional grants this year, and that he doesn't want to borrow that grant from china, you, fleck and muller have ott starving old ladies to death, or as you say, properly taken to task

i hopefully will not be writing about the winner. this sort of political blogging doesn't appeal to me. but, being the lone ranger of local blogging, i had to defend the victim from these outrageous negative distortions, such as describing an incident 21 years ago as a tendency

Tonto said...

Little MM wearing his black mask, cowboy hat & boots, combined with ass less chaps sitting alone behind his keyboard fighting the good fight! You and Scooter make a great team, can't wait til Muller starts taking aim at the "iconic" WPA structures you so cherish.

Rich Fegley said...

How about Fleck and Pawlowski getting dirty? I don't think they want to say ANYTHING that brings attention to Michael Donovan.

We need better government. We don't need POLITICAL fights and deals.

I want to elect persons that listen to the voters. I want to elect persons that are interested in helping the community they SERVE.

I'll vote for Ott because he seems to be actually THINKING about the problems we have.

Mr. Fleck has had no problem showing what type of person he is. The politicians that work with him...who are they really and what good have they really done DIRECTLY for the COMMUNITY? Higher water and sewer FEES in the future and trash incineration pollution for East Allentown and Bethlehem?

Politics are sad and disgusting. A bunch of sell-outs for money.

Anonymous said...

I would have more faith in Tom if he didn't hook up with Fleck.

Ott is not using neg campaign adds but he has a big funding advantage. It's easier to be less neg when you have funding for lots of campaign support.

michael molovinsky said...

tonto@11:42, i bet if they took off your mask, you would be bill villa. i understand that today on his blog he brags about all the bloggers he persuaded to stop blogging, by sending them endless unwanted insults. i wonder if that's actually a confession about cyberstalking and cyberbullying?

michael molovinsky said...

@12:34, so far it appears to me that ott has a big funding disadvantage, i have seen no mailers for him at all. muller's three full color mailers have been very expensive, one of them being a foldout, with four sides.

Anonymous said...

Micheal, We are receiving at least (2) two flyers a week from Ott.
I personally do not like or trust either one of them. Like Rich F. says Local(and for that matter National) Politics are disgusting. I will add: most are "Political Parasitical Opportunists" feeding off of the Public largess.
Thanks for all you do for Allentown....PJF

michael molovinsky said...

PJF@2:19, i've called the ott camp and requested a copy of all their flyers.

Anonymous said...

Michael, Just an update. Got two more today. One from Ott and One from Donovan. The over sized laminated post card type (which I would not call a "flyer" in a real descriptive sense).
Okay, I won't belabor this issue again.
Hope you got your copies for research