May 16, 2013

Police Chief Hoopla

Despite a press conference about transparency and public input, sources have told molovinsky on allentown that  three contenders for Police Chief have already been picked, and provided me with the names. All these gentlemen have current or former ties to the Lehigh Valley. I will not reveal their names at this time, so as not to jeopardize their chances. Is it possible that the public is not really part of the decision? Would that be new for Allentown?
UPDATE:Please note that I have changed the word finalists to contenders. My sources state that at least one of contenders would drop out if his ultimate selection is in doubt. They expect Wasserman, the hired consultant, to bring at least three additional applicants to the table, for his fee.  Interesting how the mayor is promising public input this election year for something that is usually an executive decision.  It would have been nice if the public had a voice in the  trash to energy plant, the arena, the water lease or any of the previous decisions.  But,  you won't have a real voice this time either,  even City Council doesn't get that.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the new chief will be an accountant.Does this mean the tax-payers will not have to spend $30,000.

michael molovinsky said...

@8:35, no, the $30,000 will be spent on the search and public input, but my sources indicate it's nothing more than a dog and pony show for the mayor's campaign and election.

Anonymous said...

Another edited out and propogandized news weekend approaching allentown? This being ofcourse by the locally political corrupt machine proping up the king the town bully?

This article that has a mention of the public being able to participate, this is just another poor attempt at the contempt the administration has for public oppinion? The new cheif that will replace the WHITE haired mrclean is already been approved. This person will be someones second cousin on his sisters side with a fat sign on, plus the$30,000 paid to the firm to aquire and than another fat pension propaganda precurment by palumpa?