Apr 5, 2013

Allentown Exposes Itself Again

Allentown's water dilemma, and it's lack of democracy on the subject, has once again made the national web sites. The Daily Koz yesterday featured the video of Rich Fegley, and the blog post of Bill White. Fegley will attend the WPA Park Tour on Saturday April 6, and has been warned that there will be no Courtesy Of The Floor allowed. Unlike City Council, I will have him tasered by Allentown's Finest, if he insists on talking.


Anonymous said...

Rich should run for city council as a Independent He will win in te General Election.



Must we ALWAYS be placed in the national spotlight like this? You would think our leaders, who tout their desire to place Allentown on the map, would be trying to take every precaution to prevent nationwide press like this...

Alfonso Todd

We Can Do Better...


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least they stopped short of having Mr. Fegley shot with the Stun Gun. It was only seconds from happening.
Wouldn't that have been a new low?
The City Without Limits. Perfect!

New slogan = " It's a Tradition!"