Nov 6, 2012

The Outsiders

Julio Guridy had asked the city solicitor for an opinion about who could collect signatures. because he didn't want outsiders interfering with Allentown's water lease decision. Pawlowski had no trouble about outsiders working today to promote the water lease plan. At the mayor's request, crews from Philadelphia appeared at the two busiest polling spots to distribute literature on the advantages of private water systems, and monitor the activists collecting signatures against the lease. In addition to boots on the ground, Pawlowski has distributed a new YouTube promoting his proposal. The three gentleman shown above from Philadelphia were encouraging voters not to sign Dan Poresky's petition. Just joking about the photograph. Actually, the photograph is from the film classic, On The Waterfront. The three persuaders shown were former heavyweight boxers in real life, all of whom fought Joe Louis for the title.

UPDATE:  Emily Opilo of The Morning Call reports (an hour before me) that Pawlowski himself was at a polling site asking voters not to sign the petition.  The petition itself of course doesn't decide anything, but gives the citizens a voice on the issue in May. His energy would be better spend looking for alternatives to the lease.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding me, right?

How do you get a team of water privatization activists to work the polls? Someone must be paying them. This does not pass the smell test.

Anonymous said...

Outsiders,really? Ed is not homegrown. Therefore he,s an outsider!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky, Philadelphia craft union members have been working the polls since Jack Pressman ran for mayor