Nov 7, 2012

Roosevelt's Health Declines

When Republicans ask me about Jewish voting trends, I usually reply that the Jews don't know that Roosevelt died, and that he didn't particularly like them anyway. They have been genetically programmed for the Democratic Party since their great-great bubas thought Roosevelt was helping them. Jewish support for Obama slipped from 78% in 2008, to 69% on Tuesday. Although that is a significant move of the needle, considering how important Israel is to the Jewish psyche, and how little affinity Obama has for that nation, genetics still prevailed.


Anonymous said...


It may be Mitt Romney dropped the ball on an election day ground game in important battle ground states. Apparently he was relying on state and local Republican committees to handle this paramount duty. If that is in fact true this mistake will prove very costly to the nation.
The Jewish vote was positive, what turned out to be a problem was the female vote. According to exit polls their vote was determined primarily by concerns of abortion and birth control.
In other words they bought into the Democrat/media lies related to these issues.

Scott Armstrong

Guy Williams said...

Romney had plenty of campaign cash, how come he didnt spend a dime on local committees ground game in key states.Team Obama had the best strategy. Sure put Karl Rove in the has been catagory.An finally to think Women bought into Democrat/media lies.OMG Republicans talking about personhood inititives and Gods will about rape and pregnancy in their own words on tape.Like i said in another blog Pam Varkony warned in the primary season about common sense when it comes to womens issues.Cant wait to here her take on the election results.As far as the Jewish vote I beleve that Jewish men especially those with a financial backround could vote for Romney but not so much jewish women and youth.

michael molovinsky said...

guy, you must get a private newsletter from varkony, because she hasn't posted in well over a year. no men with financial backgrounds, jewish or not, could vote for obama.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside for a moment the post's (tongue-in-cheek?) remark about genetics, the assumption that Jewish voters blindly followed some Democratic/Liberal ideological tradition is too simplistic. There are certainly many Jewish voters who don't subscribe to this blog's hardline views and certainly many others who do but who are not one-issue cogs.
Mr. Armstrong: My sympathies that the "female vote" is "a problem." Of course, those dim-witted gals fell prey to the lies. Silly women. Oh for the days when only white males had the vote. And then only males who owned property (sort of like a man who has a financial background, right?). Keep working to take back your country, fellows.
Finally, all this talk here and elsewhere about how Romney lost "the ground game" is a delusion that suggests that he would have won if only, if only damn it, the GOP's campaigning technique & strategy was a bit more polished. No, the GOP's ideas, agenda and beliefs lost this election. That and the fact that America has changed demographically since the birth of the average Romney voter (typically white male over the age of 45).

michael molovinsky said...

armstrong again couldn't get pass the word verification i use overnight. here's his reply to @5:13

Notice how our 5:13 am poster continues to perpetuate the Democrat/media lies. That’s their modus operandi.
Scott Armstrong

i also have issues with the 5:13 comment, however, i prefer not to dialogue with comments, unless there is a factual error needing correction. i'd rather state my opinion in the post, then allow readers their opinion, in the comment section, assuming it's submitted in good faith.

doug_b said...

I think Tuesday’s election was a significant, but subtle turning point for the US. The American people overwhelmingly voted themselves the treasury. I want mine: my SNAP, my Section 8, my Medicaid, my AFDC, my SSI Disability, my infinite unemployment check, because I’m entitled to it.

Meanwhile, the Fed prints $40,000,000,000 of new money a month, and loans this money to banks at 0% interest. The Fed is also propping up the banks by buying defaulted mortgages - turning private debt into public debt. Eventually, we will experience a high level of inflation. However the metrics used by the Fed, to compute inflation are way below the actual rate of inflation.

So all those folks who “want theirs” are going to receive benefits with a COLA of perhaps 1.5%, while the real rate of inflation will be 8% - 9%. Thus after several years, the Fed will ‘gut’ their entitlement. The scammers are going to scammed by the scammer-in-chief: Obama.

Guy Williams said...

Mike, the data is still not all in but based on exit data the Jewish vote went solid for Obama 66 to 33.Granted its down from mid 70s in 2008.Cant find vote totals in Borough Park brooklyn as of yet.As you know Hasidic Jews are by no means dependent on the government for support but have apparently voted solidly for Obama.I was surprised as you on obamas win figuring that Romney would win in a squeaker.From what i heard Obama signs were not handed out unless paid for and the Dem focus was targeted on battleground states.Also active military donations went 2 to 1 to Obamas campaign.My belief is that this was the best chance for a Republican victory and they blew it.They use to say during war times that Loose Lips Sinks Ships and it appears that is the case here which turned off women and the youth.Some say the demographic time bomb went off and campaigns will be changed forever,who knows but kvetching,I think thats how its spelled,about the election with out changes will get the republicans no where.

michael molovinsky said...

guy, from my POV, your numbers are even better than mine, but to my best knowledge, it was 69 to 30. some hasidic sects do not recognize israel, because they believe it should not exist until the messiah comes. perhaps that's why they supported obama, he's also not sure it should exist.