Jul 26, 2012

Rumors From The Gristmill

The Fegley Family Brew Works is reportedly in jeopardy of losing it's golf course concession, because they dared speak against the Trash to Energy Plant. This plant uses technology not used anywhere else in the country, and was opposed by a broad spectrum of those involved in the environmental and green movements. Fran Dougherty, Allentown's Managing Director, told the Lehigh County Commissioners that a new $multi-million dollar training center will be built in Lehigh Parkway, to replace the fire tower facility being sold to Lehigh Valley Health Network, to expand their laboratory at Lehigh and Vultee Streets. Dougherty discounts the FAA prohibition of the sale as a temporary misunderstanding. In 1928 this city reached a population of 100,000 people. Although we are only slightly larger now, we are being operated with the shenanigans of multi-million person city.


Anonymous said...

The city bid the golf course food concession and awarded a three year contract. It is now up for rebiding! If it wasn't rebid the critics would be saying it's favoritism. Can't win if you comply with the rules or ignor the rules. Some people just like to gripe.

michael molovinsky said...

at least this griper signs his name and provides a little scrutiny about city policy. i was in the council chamber three years ago when the former operator told how pawlowski CHANGED THE RULES, making his compliance impossible.

Anonymous said...

They should close based on bad food and service

Anonymous said...

See no even the owner of the breworks are seeing through the kings quality of life tatics. Low quality is no quality this should replace Billy Joels song slogan.

Anonymous said...

More people and stress on the already neglected Parkway. More cars on Park Drive going 3x the SPEED LIMIT.
Any study of the impact on the amazing variety of wildlife that try's to live and raise young in that sensitive habitat?
Can I guess?
They would happily sell parcels of the park if they could.
And the day he's done,we all know he leaves Allentown,like Weitzel. Off to the next stop.

Anonymous said...

The first sign there was trouble in paradise was when Pawlowski started recruiting Chickies/Petes to the Palace of Sport.

They'll destroy the Brew Works and no doubt write Ed large checks while doing it.

And Allentown gets stronger how?

Four Putt said...

I believe that this is the fourth year of the Fegley takeover of the golf course restaurant. The former owner was railroaded out by the mayor amidst promises by the Fegleys of corporate outings, weddings, more and bigger tournaments, and $350,000 in improvements.

There has yet to be a corporate outing (except for Mayor's annual tourney), zero weddings, and virtually every tournament has chosen to have their gathering elsewhere after playing at Muni.
As for improvements, either they have $300,000 hidden in the wall or they didn't honor their contract promise.

On the bright side Ed, unlike the Hamilton Street project, you only ruined one guy's business in this case.