Apr 25, 2012

Understanding The Implications

Attorney Jerome Frank must have been surprised last night. Hanover Supervisors declined to vote* on the newest proposal from Allentown to settle the lawsuit filed against the arena project, before understanding the implications.
"I'm not going to have supervisors accept an offer minutes after they get it," Broughal said of the new offer presented behind closed doors Tuesday by Allentown attorney Jerome Frank. "I need some time to review it. We need to make sure we fully understand all the implications."
The Allentown Commercial and Industrial Economic Authority (ACIDA) always approved Frank's agreements and contracts even before they were finished being written. Due diligence is something Frank never encountered in Allentown. Besides ACIDA being a rubber stamp, there is the new Arena Authority, and of course the famous Allentown City Council. The big push now is the notion of completing the arena for the 2013 minor league hockey season. To meet this most important of deadlines, we expelled merchants with an illegal threat of eminent domain. Gave out $20 million in pocket money to Reilly. Spent $45-million on acquisition, demolition, and excavation. Signed documents before they were finished being written, and operated under a law with serious constitutional flaws. I would think that before the Leigh Valley goes on the hook for up to $600million dollars, they should tell the Phantoms to keep playing where they are for another season.

  *Matt Assad/The Morning Call/April 24,2012


Bull dozers and dirt said...

The price tag keeps on growing.
We have an expensive hole in the ground.
It will make a good skate board and bicycle track.
The locals would like a place in center city for some good healthy sports - sports which we all may participate in playing.
A good health promoting use for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Due diligence? What a novel concept! I am from Allentown. Can some one please explain why would anyone pursue due diligence. Doesn't it take time and thoughtful consideration? I understand there is an ordinance against those activities it in the Queen City.

Anonymous said...

This is obviously why no one but government buffoons would seek to undertake such a massive project doomed to failure from the gitgo.

Anonymous said...

I think that Chairman Pawlowski should start charging a fee for people to breath the (corrupt?) air in the City With No Limits.

His own little Cap and Tax program, if you will, Comrade Molovinsky, that I am certain the all-Democrat Rubber Stamp Council of Apparatchiks would be more than overjoyed to approve.

Then, the Chairman could have plenty of cash to finish constructing his magnificent Palace of Sport.


Anonymous said...

MM -

I'm hearing that the hole might become Allentown's new Center City pool.