Mar 16, 2012

The Uncertainty of Allentown

One man's transformation is another's destruction. Although Allentown's 700 Block of Hamilton Street had long lost it's glimmer and glamor of the 1950's, it was still a destination for the new demographic. That clientele is now being steered to outer 7th Street. The Planning Meeting, this past Wednesday, demonstrated all the uncertainty of the Arena Plan. My post on the Planning Puppies was not satire. Those gentlemen were actually reduced to asking about a tree and a garage door. One puppy mentioned that things should look pretty, so that when patrons walk beyond the arena, new shopping venues will develop; Good luck with that puppy, eat your treat. In the real world, the architect explained how hotel patrons will not have to venture outside, to access the arena, restaurants or bars. More important, she confessed that as of yet, there was no hotel operator on board. The puppies were approving merely a concept; A transformational, taxpayer funded hope, by Pawlowski, Reilly and Company. As outside municipalities begin to organize against the EIT funding mechanism,* the demolition of the entire block has been completed. While those stores had always provided the hope for more affluent days, I doubt if that will be true in the future for the arena complex.


Anonymous said...

Shamefull behavior by vile, arrogant creatures that only look like people.
The rest of us Lemmings are expected to follow these repugnant excuses for leaders over the cliff.

Local said...

The Allentown School system is facing a more than 12 million dollar deficit and the best they could come up with is a professional sports arena with a few good opportunities for a few of their good friends.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Allentown's student base --more than 90%--are living in poverty? One can only imagine the new housing starts; the green and energy efficient and window boxed, Victorian trimmed and Williamsburg paints and fresh side-walked environments these children could have had to help them get a better life, if only the city's mayor supported a different agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is it true Allentown's student base --more than 90%--are living in poverty?

If you believe the data regarding free lunches served in ASD. Yes, it is very high.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Molovinsky,

I noticed a sign this morning at the corner of 8th and Gordon which stated "Promise Neighborhood" in both English and Spanish.

Being new to the City Without Limits and the country, itself, I was curious to know exactly what is a "Promise Neighborhood"?