Mar 21, 2012



Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that the Jewish Community helps put Obama on the street in November. He supposedly took much of the Jewish vote in 2008 and I hope everyone has buyers regret. A second term, a lame duck term, terrifies me to no end of what this guy can do to both our country and our strongest and best ally in the middle east - Israel. Democrat or Republican - OBAMA MUST GO!

doug_b said...

What disturbs me the most is that he lies.

Lies about the true unemployment figures, lies about the real inflation, lies about the true economic suffering in the US.

I don't expect that he can fix these things - but I expect honesty.

Without honesty up front, everything else is based on a falsehood.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what the smartest and greatest President in the entire history of the United States can do with another four very long, long years ...

Anonymous said...

ABB-12 = Anybody But Barry in 2012

He is the most dishonest, divisive President in our nation's history. Rather than unite us, he has divided us. Rather than be transparent, he has dissembled and reached decisions behind closed doors and in secrecy.

He is more incompetent than Jimmy Carter and his Administration is more corrupt that US Grant's.

If he is re-elected, all is lost.

Anonymous said...

Please help me out here, is there a reason the U.S. has an obligation to help out or meddle in the affairs of any other country which cannot be a direct benefit to all of our citizens (and not just the oil company big wigs)? I'm with Ron Paul on this one, we are not the world's policeman.

doug_b said...

"If he is re-elected, all is lost."

IMO it's already been lost - we're just waiting for the house of cards to collapse.

The awareness is spreading. Lack of middle class careers (now called 'jobs'), young people are now supposed to be indebted into their 40's for a questionable college education, life long debt for cars, homes, taxes, insurance -I think our entire debt based economy is comming into question.

Barry (and all the others) who claims he's for change - is really for maintaining the status quo.

Voting doesn't matter any more.

ironpigpen said...

Is that piece way, way back I did criticizing the Obamacare Law still considered to be "over the top", Mr. Molovinsky?

(Obamacare's unpopularity continues to increase the more people find out "what's it in", as Nancy Pelosi would say, and the more people figure out that that they cannot not necessarily "keep your coverage if you like it," as the Liar-In-Chief 0-Bama would say)

After all ... having done my research BEFORE the 2008 election, I can honestly say 0-bama has turned out to be everything I thought he was ...

... plus, the thought-provoking (confusing for many who got their history from a staunch Union Public School Teacher, I realize) picture displayed is, of course, one of border guards from communist East Germany.

For the record, I do hope Malia Obama is enjoying her vacation to Mexico with the big Secret Service contingent that costs US taxpayers hard-earned money.

Can I be officially rehabilitated now or what?



Anonymous said...

It's not only the Jewish community that will remember.