Jan 11, 2012

Dr. Lee County

With Lehigh County moving forward with a possible health agency, I hope they remember the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. As a baby boomer I have been concerned with reports of fluoride contributing to brittle bones. It's my understanding that fluoride only helps the teeth of young children, and can be effectively applied topically, and enhanced through toothpaste and mouth wash. The current director of the Allentown Health Bureau can foresee dental programs as a component of a regional department, perhaps that would be a more appropriate venue to provide fluoridation to children. Although my demographic might benefit from valium or viagra in the water supply, I think pure water should be the regional goal.

reprinted from Dec. 13, 2007

UPDATE: The Bi-County Health Bureau remains a concept, and the fluoride proponents still rule.


ironpigpen said...

Who needs a Bi-County Health Department when we now have OBAMACARE ...

... (how many waivers have been issued so far for companies like McDonalds, at least a thousand or so?)

PS --- am I still 'over the top', Mr. Molovinsky, with my criticism of the increasingly unpopular law shoved down the American people's throats on Christmas Eve?



Anonymous said...

I firmly believe Fluoride use should be optional as you need a prescription to buy it

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the dictators in government can put birth control in some of the drinking water. Like floride one needs a prescription (at least for now) and can benefit the proverbial children having children. OK, it's a stretch but you get the point of the sarcasm.