Oct 20, 2011

Who Thinks You're Dumber?

According to The Morning Call, Allentown City Hall will now conduct a series of public meetings on the arena. Although all arrangements are a done deal, public comment will be sought. Although the Mayor preferred to first make the presentations to civic groups and other selected voter groups, City Council insisted that John Q get the presentations first; Council wants to credit themselves for insisting on this sequence, for the upcoming meaningless meetings. In truth, a more responsible City Council would have postponed the Administration's request for Eminent Domain, insisting on public input. They would have asserted themselves when it counted. Council members may pose now, in election season, as concerned about public opinion, but in addition to being too little, it's too late. One of them actually said, Better late than never.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty wild. Attended summer council meetings where entire arena project discussed and filed. Hardly a question from council members asked. Just who is dumb and dumber?

Anonymous said...

What is interesting about the sink hole issue mentioned in the Call is once the buildings are torn down and sincere geological investigation continues, what will happen to the
vacant land if it can't be built upon?

binzley said...

Public hearings on the arena for toothless foreigners now is a tribute to the "push-back" by Molovinsky and others. MM keeps using the term, "done-deal" which I take exception to. I have seen several state and municipal "done-deals" become undone when the politicians get nervous. If it comes to possibly losing an election, the loop holes in the "done-deal" surface quickly.

Push em back, push em back, harder, harder.

Anonymous said...

Seems this is a repetition of past "efforts' to communicate with the public, after the fact.

Little faith exists in either the mayor or city council. No point in going to the meetings since any community input is mute.

Just time to sit back and watch this travesty unfold as Allentown is decimated.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, your push back recommendation annoys me, here's why; the merchants have already been uprooted. 33 of the 34 properties have settled, so that they can plan on their real life, such as home mortgages and supporting their children. some have committed to other locations, and made significant investment in such. allentown taxpayers are indirectly already on the hook for $60 million in property acquisition and preferred loans to reilly. by any measure of reality, yes, it's too late. however, if you insist otherwise, there are several occupy allentown protesters at 7th and Hamilton. At least one of them has a sign about the arena. go join him.

Anonymous said...

Clearly anyone who opposes this project is just a racist/mean spirited/anti-Allentown moving forward or a Republican partisan. Who else would oppose this project?

Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

Not too late for me to say again:
I will never set foot into this wasteful sad travesty.
I will (still) never cast a vote for any of these poor excuses for leaders.
I will be vacating this town just as soon as my finances will allow.

binzley said...

...sounds like you are afraid of the good fight. Look at the state justice center in Philly -- that was a done deal. It was cancelled when the politicians saw the people come out. If this deal is a waste of taxpayers money, as you seem to say, it should be stopped. You have the voice, the people behind you and the ability to end this waste. I am sorry you are offended, but willingly accepting these things is what allows others to have their way.

michael molovinsky said...

gary, for the LAST time; i have blogged, written editorials, addressed city council, and criticized the media for not emphasizing the lack of public input on the arena project. i believe that this blog has been the voice of the opposition. you will have to find, or create, another outlet to suggest that my efforts were half-hearted. this blog is molovinsky on allentown, not molovinsky on self-depreciation.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

Maybe by waiting they can present an accurate drawing of what the finished product will look like. The image displayed so far is an outrageous exaggeration.

My problem is this. I believe the building will not be heavily used. It's too small to stand out from what's already available within reasonable distance.

When it becomes a mostly empty shell, who will step in to purchase it? Its usefulness, its
conversion potential is REALLY limited.

Yet the bills keep coming to taxpayers.

binzley said...

MM: I seem to have hit a nerve. I thought I commended you for your work on behalf of the people. I believe you have the ability to move the mountain. I apologize for offending you.

By the way referring me and others to other blogs seems to be your strategy for handling posts you do not like. Toughen up--there are lots of fights in Allentown still to come. The city needs you as a leader, not simply a commentator.

Lighten up, criticism goes with the territory.

FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said...

Why do you think that you are entitled to public comment on this? The people elected the officials to speak on their behalf. The officials are speaking. If you don't like what they are saying do not vote for them in their reelection bids. If the majority of people are so up in arms about this and do not want this project they will surely will not vote for Peter Schweyer this November since he voted yes for eminent domain. I believe however that he will the most votes.

an old dutchman said...

Binzley is usually full of Progressive Liberal sh_t but I think he makes some good points here. Perhaps we should try to stop the boondoggle that is being built for the pucksters!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Comrade Future Downtown Arena Attendee in that this is bold and decisive leadership from Chairman Pawlowski.

The Moscow Show Trials proved themselves to be extremely effective influencing the (uneducated, unwashed) Masses in need of direction from Elites who know better.

I might suggest that Chairman Pawlowski and the Rubber Stamp City Council next consider a Great Purge to deal with counter-revolutionaries and subversives such as Molovinsky who dare speak out against the magnificent Palace of Sport, but I do not wish to be presumptuous.


michael molovinsky said...

mr. dutchman, besides pointing out who thinks the public is dumber, council or the administration, my interest has waned. i say this because my main concern, the merchants, is now a moot point. their investment of time and treasure in allentown has already been ruined by the project, even if it were not to be built. others like yourself, may care to still pursue the issue. i believe that it will be a white elephant, whose cost will soon enough come from our pockets.

Anonymous said...

It's how corrupt Chicago pols work. Remember "you've got to pass the (healthcare) bill so that you can know what's in it?"

Anonymous said...

"The people elected the officials to speak on their behalf."
When the government dependents outnumber the tax payers, everyone loses. The Democrats have created a monster that will destroy cities like Allentown. Take a look at Harrisburg! Sometimes reality sets in when the money runs out, crime is in your back yard and there is nowhere to run. Liberalism is a mental disorder and is hard to overcome.

LVCI said...

FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said..."If you don't like what they are saying do not vote for them in their reelection bids."

Do your own a company? If so I want to work for you!

That way no matter what I do, no matter how much I may screw your company up, you won't be looking over my shoulder. After all you hired me. After that you have no say.. so sit down, and be quiet while I run things my way.

Voting for a public official is nothing more then hiring someone to do a job on our behalf. We are the owners and city hall officials are our employees, we aren't theirs. It would be insane for any owner to hire someone unsupervised then go on vacation for four years.

In regards to these elections: Not one official running for office mentioned in their campaign they were going to seize over 30 private properties downtown, bulldoze an entire square block and risk advancing over $160 million of the taxpayers' dollars to do it. They didn't mention the new, sometimes expen$ive, pre-sale inspections before one sells their home.

Nor was there any mention in their campaigns while they were running for office that they were going to put in miles of bike trails, a playground or install asphalt roadways in a park either.

We also were told the budget was A-OK they had a plan to fix it. No one knew the plan would include an increase of the EIT by 40%.

A lot of changes affect us for many years long after their time in office. Some things which later can't be undone merely by an election. The police & fire pensions are a fine example of that. The servicing of prior debts is another.

According to your way of thinking why bother having public meetings after elections. Our civic responsibilities are completely done after we elect them, right? Citizens should only concern themselves every 4 years after the $'s are spent and the changes are already done that affect them. Is that the way you want it?

Come to think of it, that pretty much seems the way we're being dealt with already. So you needn't concern yourself too much about our attempts to redress the current state of affairs.

I'm also the kind of guy that takes the bus into NYC a few times a year. If I see my driver speeding 90 mph, texting while eating a sandwich and swerving, don't expect me to just sit in the back seat quietly and wait for the bus to crash either. I may have bought the ticket, but I have a vested interest in what happens by someone occupying the driver's seat.