Oct 16, 2011

The Morning Call Delivery

I've been a continuous Morning Call subscriber for 34 years, every day, seven days a week. I think that might well be some sort of record. Even other dinosaurs, occasionally, have let their subscriptions expire, to take advantage of some promotion. Not me, full ticket, paid by the year. The last couple of years, as their delivery system broke down, I have taken to pay semi annually. Quarterly will now be the prudent choice. I no longer attempt to complain about a missing paper. Waiting to speak to somebody in India is detrimental to my blood pressure. molovinsky on allentown opens early, but the paper keeps coming later; Even mcall doesn't refresh itself until about 5:45 a.m. I no longer get the paper in time for my morning coffee, the pot is long empty by the time it arrives. I suppose soon I'll have to get my news from the City Web Site.

UPDATE February 15, 2014.    If you're having a delivery issue,  here is a petition addressing that problem.


binzley said...

It is indeed sad to see the slow decline and, I predict, the end of the home delivered newspaper. As a child growing up my family had two newspapers delivered every day. I still have two newspapers delivered daily.

Nevertheless we are moving to a new instrument to obtain the news of the world and of our communities, i.e., the internet.

Although there are lots of problems with this new medium, one thing is very positive, that is, "Molovinsky on Allentown." As a daily reader of this blog, and very often a severe critic of the author, I write to commend Michael Molovinsky as a true and trusted "tribune of the people." He fights for one of the finest park systems in America; he campaigns for the preservation of our history in his advocacy for the WPA works; and, most recently, Molovinsky has aimed his bright spotlight on the injustice inflicted upon the small businesses of Allentown.

When the Morning Call dies, when the Philadelphia Inquirer ceases to publish, when the New York Times is an online publication only, we can and must hope that Molovinsky and patriots like him continue to speak out for the people.

michael molovinsky said...

thank you gary for taking the time to write such a complimentary comment before heading off to occupy philadelphia. if no such demonstration exists, head here to allentown, there's one at 7th and hamilton. although i will not join you there, i will bring you some coffee from dunkin donuts, it's on my way to starbucks.

Patrick McHenry said...

MM said:

"suppose soon I'll have to get my news from the City Web Site."

Smart move - cutting out the middle man.

Anonymous said...

The Call's taken a marketing concept straight from those business schools that allegedly taught pay the fine; it's cheaper than the clean-up.
If a paper doesn't arrive, there's no point to calling as all they say is a credit to your account will be applied. It's cheaper to do a bad job
than bother with anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm not paying for advertisement ridden slanted news - delivered or online.
Lehigh Valley Live and 69 News will have to suffice for local information.

Cheryl Saul said...

Just came across this while Googling delivery issues. I am having oodles of issues. I have a petition strated to address it.

michael molovinsky said...

ms. saul, i can relate to your problem, currently i have a good carrier, but that wasn't always the case, and don't know for how long. they apparently don't pay their carriers enough, especially with gasoline so expensive. i will turn your petition address into a link on the post, and perhaps visit this issue again in a new post sometime in the future.