Jun 10, 2011

Molovinsky Plays Race Card

Mike, your moving the gooks remark is not cool and uncalled for. Not sure how you can justify when anyone and I mean everyone is being recruited for clustering businesses on 7th. I'm not saying there is wisdom in the current effort to develop hamilton street, but feel your drawing the race card is not right.
A comment received on Moving the Gooks post.

The comment suggests that because some second tier merchants, many Hispanic, have been given grants for 7th Street, that Allentown isn't racist. I do not accuse Allentown of racism, I accuse them of classism. He doesn't really mean everybody; the City has not recruited Butz or Fegley to 7th Street, but apparently a Koreatown would be welcome. A Koreatown on 7th Street would leave valuable space on Hamilton, for the coming wave of mixed income retail, which they fantasize will follow the arena.

UPDATE: Provided by David Zimmerman
Curious over recent discussions of classism (bias based on social or economic class.) I undertook a small project to understand exactly who the customers of the Hamilton St shopping area (The Market Area) are.
Using software and data provided by ScanUSA I calculated a variety of demographic data based on what I assumed to be The Market Area.
Specifically, given a moderate walk rate of 3 miles / hour, a fifteen minute walking time would extend about 3/4 of a mile in this area. I looked to the census designation of block groups, in this area, to gather this data.
The total population is estimated to be 26,146 individuals; 59.8% white, 20.7% black, Other - multiracial 16%. This differs significantly from Allentown ("All of Allentown") with an estimated 2010 population of 110,456 individuals; 73.8% white, 12.6% black, Other - multiracial 9.5%. Significant differences.

With respect to the Hispanic population The Market Area is 69.6% while "All of Allentown" is 40.6%, another significant difference. Subtract The Market Area from the rest of Allentown and the percentage of Hispanics living outside of The Market Area drops to 31.6%.
Relative to income; per capita in The Market Area is $15,591 and "All of Allentown" is$21,207. Median family income is a similar proportion with The Market Area at $33,206 and "All of Allentown" at $45,056. Family size in The Market Area is 3.60 while that in "All of Allentown" is 3.28 about 9% less.
More profound is the aggregate income of The Market Area; $377 million. "All of Allentown" is $2.246 Billion. The Market Area represents 23.7% of the population of "All of Allentown" while the aggregate income of $377 million represents only 16.8% of "All of Allentown", proportionately less But then the unemployment rate in The Market Area is estimated to be 12.5% with "All of Allentown" at 8.6%
Another interesting variable is housing; 51.3% of "All of Allentown" is either rental or vacant. In The Market Area this rate is 68.7%. In The Market Areas 31.2% of housing units are owner occupied. In "All of Allentown" this jumps to 48.7%.

So is there bias on social or economic class? You decide. I'd say there are significant differences that could easily be classified with this term.
David Zimmerman


Anonymous said...

Hyperbole - Look it up!. The point is made. The detractors (the administration's camp) find it is more convenient to get tangential on this issue.

Anonymous said...

How many millions of dollars has been dumped into Hamilton street?
AND how much into 7th street?
Abundantly clear?

gary ledebur said...

MM: you being accused of playing the race card means you have finally arrived at being an unvarnished politician. My complements! Now organize your political pac.

michael molovinsky said...

there's irony in the accusation that i'm playing the race card. the letter stated that the arena will reset the demographic and creates the potential to result in mixed income retail and housing- and I'm accused of playing the race card? i don't accuse anybody of racism, but they're certainly hoping for a different clientele on hamilton street. apparently, the current hamilton st. demographic is welcome on 7th st.

Anonymous said...

Race card?

Ha ha.

This country is so ill, so sick.

Your problem, Mr. Molovinsky, is that you failed to issue an email stating which signs, held by children --- of course --- play best for the (Progressive Liberal Democrat-controlled) Main Stream Media...

Race card here.

Race card there.

Race card everywhere.



Attention - Chairman Pawlowski, Rubber-stamp Politburo and all other useful Idiot Apparatchiks :

Good luck painting the Palace of Sport as a tool to fight Racism.

However, you will, most definitely, be needing something more than luck.

Pleasant day.



ironpigpen said...


The Morning Call
by Scott Kraus


First deadline missed already.

Out come the excuses.

Can't wait unti the cost-overruns arrive.

And they will.

Wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

Why not request a Right to Know request for all payments made to attorneys, contractors. individuals or firms of this project? Some folks are benefiting already on this. I bet bond attorneys for a start.

Anonymous said...

"We're looking at a major development, not just an arena -- a development to transform the riverfront and the biggest thing ever to transform Allentown," Pawlowski said. "If it all works out, it will be the most important development project the city has ever seen."

Source: LehighValleyLive - September 18, 2009 - after E.D. was notified that he will get $80 million from 130 acres tax based financial plan. It was "supposed" to be used for the riverfront.

We heard his lies, again and again. Now, replace the sentence with "DOWNTOWN" from "riverfront".

Isn't he ridiculous????

Anonymous said...

I saw this LVCI and found this to be interesting-when you're in with the city, you're really IN! This is going on right when the city is suppose to be finding funds for the businesses/tenants effected with relocation because of the hockey arena.

"Allentown City Council Meeting June 15th 6/10/2011 07:04:00 PM | By LVCI

R37 HRA 812-814 HAMILTON
Authorizes the filing of a proposal for funds with the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The resolution permits the submittal of a Single Application for PA DCED HRA funding to assist in the redevelopment for the upper floors of 812-814 Hamilton Street.

Say What?

The Brew Works is going to receive even more $'s?

From The Morning Call June 6, 2006
"Mayor Ed Pawlowski has asked state officials for an additional $500,000 to help the Fegley family, owners of Bethlehem Brew Works, complete plans for a restaurant and brewery on Hamilton Street.

The Brew Works' Allentown location, announced three years ago, has already been awarded more than $4.5 million in local, state and federal loans and grants, and will be exempt from most state and local taxes until 2011.

The project is also slated for $1.8 million in loans through a regional financing pool administered by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp.

The state, which has already pledged $1 million to the project, has assured the city it can meet the request for another $500,000."
I did not bring this up to criticize the Brew Works project. Whether it's a good project or not, I'll let you decide.

What I find irksome is this resolution comes directly on the heels of the last council meeting in which they passed eminent domain against those located across the street. That's kind of like rubbing mud in the faces of those owners, is it not?

No hard feelings, right?"

Monkey Momma said...

I will admit that I raised an eyebrow when I saw "gooks" in your previous headline. But when I read the post, I interpreted your slur as sarcasm. Sarcasm can be provocative, but confusing. I do see the "reset the demographic" comment as much more offensive, however, esp. since it's official policy.

Whatever happened to local government serving the residents it actually has, rather than the residents it really wants.

michael molovinsky said...

monkey momma, both the merchants and their customers are upset about this plan. the ones who relocate face uncertainty. some will not be able to relocate, because of their age and other issues. although none of my merchant friends were offended by my sarcastic use of gook, they are indeed offended by the plan to reset the demographic. the saddest thing is that the plan will not work, but the pawlowski's and versaggi's don't mind gambling with the merchant's or town's future.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this was one of the landmark cases that set the stage for what is currently playing out in Allentown.

Eventually it found it's way to the US Supreme Court. It is interesting to reveiw the original opinion as well as Thomas's dissenting opinion.

Eminent domain was granted but not without a subsequent cost, as stated in the NYT article.

Could the same thing happen to Allentown? Perhaps.

Has an impartial third party performed an analysis of this project. Someone who is adept enough to reasonably estimate what the potential economic impact on the city could be?

Of course they should not have any vested interest in this project.

I would like to know what the potential economic impact could be both on the upside and the down side?

Isn't every investment subject to risk reward potential, or is this one different?

Pfizer to Leave City That Won Land-Use Case
US Supreme Court Opinion
Thomas Dissent

David Fehr Zimmerman

Anonymous said...

Corrected Link:
Supreme Court Decision

michael molovinsky said...

mr. zimmerman, thank you for the links. i would like to once again remind all readers that this comment section does not present links, without using the html link code.

Anonymous said...

Today's Sunday broadcast of Fox & Friends interviewed an economist regarding the rebuilding of the Nassau County, NY, sports arena.
The economist said the billion or so it will cost taxpayers will never be recouped. The current building owner some say wishes to sell the franchise and a new structure at taxpayer expense can add a huge boost to the price tag.
Perhaps the Allentown community that does not support Mayor's
arena plan may wish to contact this economist. His name should be available on the Fox News

gary ledebur said...

When Philadelphia was considering a new ballpark the mayor said, "If Philly wants to be a major league city it will have to spend some money." I guess Allentown wants to be a minor league city!

Anonymous said...

City Council Meeting on June 15, 2011 @7:30pm - city Council will, again, be "rubber stamping":

On their Agenda:


R37 HRA 812-814 HAMILTON
Authorizes the filing of a proposal for funds with the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The resolution permits the submittal of a Single Application for PA DCED HRA funding to assist in the redevelopment for the upper floors of 812-814 Hamilton Street.

How can Ed keep giving funds to the Fegleys (Brewery Works) when the residents and merchants, who are getting kicked out by eminent domain, are asking for help to relocate because the money that the city offered is too low to buy/rent anything on Hamilton Street???

Answer: Only if you "fit their picture"

What else can I say? I have have tears for this situation.

Anonymous said...

How can the city continue to give the Fegleys millions of dollars! Is it possible this single family that hails from Bethlehem received more than $6 Million taxpayer dollars so far and now more! What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Someone said the Fegleys were the only business allowed by special exception to serve alcohol during a Saturday downtown outside event?
If this is true, imagine how other business owners must feel.

Can't other businesses file some type of law suit? Is this equitable governing by a city leader?

Anonymous said...

It literally pays to be politically-conncected in Allentown...

...but we all knew this a long, long time ago.

I stop patronizing the Fegely's a long, long time ago, as well.

Entirely too hip, entirely too Hopey Changey for me.

Anonymous said...


Don Spatz --- Reading Eagle

Listed are figures from an 8-year period from the 2001-02 hockey season thru the 2008-09 hockey season (with Bucks County Convention Center Authority cited as the source) :

- Numnber of events and Amusement Tax Revenue to City of Reading

- Parking revenue (to both City and Sovereign venues)

- Income To Charities (Running Concessions)


- Hotel Room Tax


Mr. Molovinsky,

For your amusement, I have re-posted this information with the old article :


October 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

So, you say the Phantoms will be here forever?

Good. Pawlowski is definitely banking on blind faith (among other things, such as Eminent Domain)

Meanwhile, let's look at historical FACTS :

Oct 4, 2009


Anonymous said...


It was the 1967-68 NHL season that saw the Flyers hit the ice for the first time...how many DIFFERENT American Hockey League farm clubs have they had since?

Quebec City, QUE --- 67/68 to 70/71Richmond, VA --- 71/72 to 75/76
Springfield, MA --- 76/77
Portland, ME --- 77/78 to 82/83
Springfield, MA --- 83/84
Hershey, PA --- 84/85 to 95/96
Philadelphia, PA --- 96/97 to 08/09
Adirondack, NY --- 09/10 to present

(source : me, but please, feel free to take some time...because you can't trust me...i am conservative and, therefore, want old people to die and children to eat dogfood...ask the progressives who are ramming this arena down your throat)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

Only sharp-eyed, true hockey fans will notice but...

...Reading's team when inaugurated in 2001 was originally named the Royals because it was the ECHL affiliate of the NHL's Los Angeles Kings (with an AHL affiliate called the Monarchs in Manchester, New Hampshire).

As the article mentions, the Royals are now the NHL split-custody child of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins.

Toronto came on board as the primary parent to start the 2008-09 season with the Kings remaining as the secondary provider of players.

To begin the 2009-10 season, the Bruins replaced the Kings as the secondary affiliate.

It is better name an AHL team after something with a genuine local connection because the NHL parent affiliations WILL change frequently, I say.

For the benefit of you, MM, and anyone else interested in facts and figures...I have re-posted some old research material on this Allentown Arena thing :

Sept 20, 2009


(special new category : Molovinsky On Allentown)


Anonymous said...

Mayor and city council seem to forget that they are public servants not a servant for the Fegleys or any individual. The moneys, if they were "PUBLIC SERVANTS" should be used in a non basis way for the betterment of Allentown as a whole.

Anonymous said...

What if AEDS federally allocated funds demand equitable distribution? Couldn't downtown mercahnts through legal representation demonstrate otherwise?

Anonymous said...

How long does a Flyers' AHL team last?

Well, Philadelphia just completed its 43rd NHL and Adirondack denotes the 8th different occasion that the Flyers have relocated their top affiliate...

5.375 years, on average, would be the CORRECT answer.


I love JOHHNY MANANA's and have every confidence that, THIS TIME, Chairman Pawlowski's visions of economic boom will bear fruit!



Anonymous said...

AEDC sorry

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone here knows. Are all city pools opening this year? Are all city children summer programs in operation? Ask because it seems city hall has money for some when it wants to find it. Sure hope the city's children are being taken care of this summer as well.

Anonymous said...

If any downtown merchantds believe a cultural unfairness is exhibited by certain government leaders, wouldn't that be cause for a lawsuit? Wouldn't the "feds" be interested? Isn't "favoritism" forbidden by federal law?

Anonymous said...

The Flyers top farm team, the Phantoms, spent 20-plus years at the Spectrum in Philly and only moved to Adirondack because their home -- the Spectrum -- was being demolished. It was pretty much assumed the move would be temporary until a new home (Allentown?) could be establshed. I am not sure that is a good example of instability.
As for the movement of teams, the better question is whether the arenas replaced the relocated teams after they departed. For example, both Reading and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton replaced baseball teams in the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Locating an arena on the waterfront, partly because the "Wheels" museum (a documented failure) is there, would be throwing good money after bad. I left an Ironpgs game one night last week and (purposely) drove home via Front Street to the riverfront area, past the vacant industrial sites and darkened side streets, and it was downright scary.
If you read the Morning Call story, there are a lot of comments from people who say downtown Reading is better off with the Sovreign Center. Yeah, it is no "panacea" but is it better than what was there before?
Ironpigs: drive in and drive back home. Downtown arena: dining places within walking distance.
Perhaps because I have, in the past year, dined in downtown Allentown several times, I see the possibility. Perhaps those who say downtown is a horrible site for the arena are the types that never go downtown and never will. A letter writer in today's Morning Call agrees, he asked the critics to show a receipt from the last time they ever shopped or spent money downtown.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5:41, i found that letter annoying, as both one of the people who wrote one of those letters opposed to the downtown location, and someone who is downtown on a regular basis. my guess is that most of the people who advocate for the downtown arena, don't go there now at all.

Anonymous said...

And if 8000 people do show up, what roads will they be using to come in to the city?
Will 6000 cars leave by taking 6th street to route 22?