Apr 5, 2011

Prime Time Television

Last evening Bernie O'Hare invited me to watch the Gracedale Business Matters show, and quite a show it was. Bernie pounded away at election fraud, despite both the Election Board and a County Judge approving the signatures. Since the taping, the Commonwealth Court has reaffirmed the legality of the petitions. Ron Angle offered to keep Gracedale, if the union would come back with significant concessions. A better prepared Tony Iannelli might have questioned Angle's authority, since he is not the County Executive, or even still Council President. Bernie insisted on calling Pastor Martinez a fake reverend. I'm not sure why Bernie wanted people to watch this show, but I may have seen his friend Bill Coker. Some gentleman in the audience asked under what authority do the citizens think they can circumvent council? It's called democracy.


Anonymous said...

O'Hare clearly wanted everyone to see his six chins and two-thirds of his three-piece suit. What a disgraceful performance.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:57, i agree about the performance, but insist that future commentators limit their comments to only what o'hare and angle said. what they wore, or impressions of their appearance, detour from the high road.

Anonymous said...


The courts already ruled on the merits of the Angle/O'Hare petition challenge and everything they said on BM was a personal attack. What else is there to comment about?

Anonymous said...

Bernie ohare looked and acted foolish to continualy berate anyone about there religon was ridiculous ,,, what difference does it make who he prays to ? that wasn't the issue and bernie looked foolish and without an intelligent arguement ,he sounded like a sore loser in his court battle. from everything i could see the only people name calling where ohare and angle they both acted unprofessional while martinez and jerry green acted like the adults in the room ... i wondered am i watching springer or buisness matters ?

Anonymous said...

ron angle and bernie ohare acted pathetic ..... attack, attack ,,,, attack.

Anonymous said...

That show is all about people yelling at each other. I don't know anyone who watches it anymore. A show that pertained to business in the Lehigh Valley might actually be interesting.

Scott Armstrong

Chris Casey said...

I watched the show online. I like the format idea of allowing the audience to ask questions. If that was dne in a ore restrained manner it could work.
But I kept expecting the reverend to pick up a chair and bean Bernie or Angle with it.
Angle came off as reasonable, and that amazed me.
There were so many different facts and quoted figures flying around, it is easy to understand how the public can be frustrated
Didn't Business matters used to be a serious show?
What the hell happened?
Oh I know, they let an unwashed blogger like me on back in 2008. That was the start of the slide, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Permission to Post:
Mr. Molovinsky,
How sad this story is. Why was a little boy out alone at 7 p.m. Why doesn't the story include a police investigation as to where his parents were?

April 6, 2011
An 8-year-old Allentown boy was beaten by teenage boys, one of them swinging a belt, Wednesday evening in a city playground, police said.

Two or three teens attacked the boy, according to city police Capt. George Medero. None of them had been arrested hours later, but police still were investigating.

The teens, whom the boy did not know, beat him up at 7:10 p.m. on the Fifth Street Playground, between Gordon and Liberty streets, according to police radio reports. The victim was left with an injury to his nose, where the belt hit him, police said.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:09, it is indeed sad. i don't think that 7:00pm is necessarily too late for an eight year old to be out, but perhaps in today's center city allentown.