Dec 1, 2010

Business (Still) Doesn't Matter

Business still doesn't matter to Tony Iannelli, never did. Here's an excerpt from installment one on Jan. 25, 2010.
The local Chamber has indeed been a curious hybrid, business/public wise, for many years. Iannelli's weekly show on WFMZ, Business Doesn't Matter, seldom deals with business. Iannelli teamed up with Pawlowski in 2006 giving Lou Belleterri the famous Mystery Job. Like Lanta, they have had no dialogue with the majority of local merchants for many years, while remaining closely aligned with the Parking Authority. Both the Asian and Hispanic merchants have formed their own groups. Many of the Chamber's personnel have been active with the more progressive elements of the local Democratic Party. Although I have never attended one of his network meetings, I must assume Tony throws a good mixer.

Tony has now announced that The Chamber will not oppose Pawlowski's earned income increase, despite the objections from PPL, center city's largest employer (by very far). You can accuse Tony of whatever you wish, but you could never say he's pro-business.


Anonymous said...

This post - short sweet and well on target. Here! Here! Could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps too many in the Chamber are cozy with Ed and getting exactly what they need from city government. For this, the greater good is neglected.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

To be fair, I think Business Matters is a horrible show and shows how badly Tony I wants to be viewed as something big. That said:

"Many of the Chamber's personnel have been active with the more progressive elements of the local Democratic Party."

You've got Schlossberg as one D on that staff. You've got the COO who was considered for appointment in Norco Gov't and was LOVED by Ron Angle but HATED by the D's over there. You've got the VP of Public Policy whose husband has run for R state committee and regularly vacations in Maine and has pictures of the Bushes all over her office. You've got a Norco R Councilman working there. The Allentown VP ran to be a delegate to the DNC in 2008. The Bethlehem VP is dating Don Cunningham. The point? This is an organization that probably reflects the business world: some R's, some D's and a bunch of people who show up to simply do their job.

Keep in mind that the decision to oppose or support something comes from members who sit on the Allentown Chamber Board. The R or D inclined staff couldn't do a thing with or without the board approving it.

Scott, the chamber doesn't serve the greater good. It serves the members' interests. Take that for whatever it means. The greater good isn't the top priority.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:40, i chose, besides iannelli, not to mention specific people. the organization, including the board, is mostly a who's who of the local democratic party. occasionally iannelli is pressured by the national chamber to take a pro business position, but otherwise, especially in local politics, i stand by my post.

Patrick McHenry said...

Anon 9:40 -

The Chamber certainly doesn't serve the needs of business.

If it can't take a stand against the EIT increase or some of the other job-killing, anti-business proposals coming out of Allentown, it stands for nothing.

Blame that on the Allentown Chamber Board if you wish, but that is why so many are disgusted with the Lehigh Valley Chamber.

By the way, Pawlowski and the other Mayors shouldn't be serving on the Chamber boards. It creates a conflict of interest.

michael molovinsky said...

in addition to pawlowski being on the valley board, several members of allentown's board, hold their jobs at pawlowski's pleasure.

Anonymous said...

"the organization, including the board, is mostly a who's who of the local democratic party."

I look at the board of governors and the various boards across the region and I see a mix of political party "whose who" from R's and D's. Perhaps you can give me specific names?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm inclined to agree with you on this one, Michael. The Greater LV Chamber of Commerce is doing a disservice to its dues paying members by not speaking strongly and loudly against an EIT that will only drive business farther away.

Anon 9:40, You say the BM show is horrible, but I suspect you must watch it to have that opinion. That's pretty good.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:48, you're an apologist. do not come back without using your name.

the valley is chaired by feinberg, money raiser who hosted clinton this summer

on the allentown branch board, among others, is two fegleys, whose brewworks is pawlowski's pet project. lauren giguere, city hall. peter lewnes, 7th st. manager and tamara weller, parking authority, whose board is dominated by pawlowski supporters.

Anonymous said...

I'm with MM on this one. The clincher for me was when Tony's program, BUSINESS Matters, did a full show with that maven of capitalism.....Cindy Sheehan.
As to the new Tax on evil out-of-towners? I'll respond by deliberately avoiding spending in the city limits. I must stay anonymous here, but you might notice me in the future as the businessman who now will show up at work with my brown bag lunch.