Apr 20, 2010

The Wagon Trail Cleanup

Most of Lehigh Parkway lies in a deep ravine. The slope up to Lehigh Parkway South, across from Robin Hood, is very steep, about 60 degrees. Unknown to many people, there is a diagonal trail on part of the slope, which comes out halfway up the hill behind the Stone and Log House.

We kids, who grew up in the Parkway, called it the wagon trail. I believe it was part of the Kemmerer Farm (Stone and Log House), which dates back to the late 1770's.
In the 1950's, the foundation of a small outbuilding or kiln was still visible on the trail. The recent years have not been kind to the old trail, it is no longer maintained by the Park Department. About halfway between it's entrance and exit on the hill, the trail has been blocked by a large fallen tree. People have dumped debris on the trail, and it has remained there for years.

A group of Allentown Republicans has volunteered to clean up the rubbish on the wagon trail. This is strictly a cleanup project, involving no tools. To help with the effort, take Lehigh Parkway South (sharp right after Park entrance) to the intersection with Catalina Ave. The Wagon Trail entrance is about 100 feet beyond the intersection, on your right. The cleanup is this coming Saturday, April 24th, between 9 and 11 a.m.


Anonymous said...

MM -

How ironic that City Hall just approved a $10 million plan to connect the parks and make them more accesssible (with money we don't have).

Yet here is a trail, within one of the finest parks in the city, that has been ignored.

Could it be that (when passing the trail plan) our leaders were less than honest with us - again?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:45, it is ironic, but i would rather not dwell on it; my fear is that they will pave my beloved wagon trail.

Anonymous said...

MM -

At least if they paved it, the terrain would probably prevent them from widening it.

They might be able to squeeze in a few exercise stations or a destination playground however.

Anonymous said...

Citizens who care are an important part of our communities. Thanks for spreading the word about an opportunity for people to roll up their sleeves and help our trails. The more people we get involved in projects like this, the better Allentown will be. Good work!

guy williams said...

i am also familiar with the trail from my youth. Please do a followup and congrats to the republicans and anyone else involved in this worthy effort.