Apr 8, 2010

The End Of An Era

Much like this postcard showing Robin Hood in the 50's, the golden era of our park system ended last night. City Council voted 5 to 2 to pass The Trail Network Plan. Although reassurances were given at previous park meetings that all components of the plan would receive public input, last night council also approved two components (Lehigh Parkway and Martin Luther King Drive sections) of the overall plan, putting the proverbial cart in front of the horse, with no public input what so ever. Weitzel and the Administration told Council that the plan would take decades to implement, yet it needed passage immediately last evening? Council Peter Schweyer told new EAC member Andrew Kleiner that any plan could be held up with concerns from him, but after Andrew expressed concerns, Schweyer still voted yes. Council conceded that the Mayor generally keeps them out of the loop regarding the City; that Cedar Creek Plans got away from them, yet voted yes knowing that the paths already implemented at Cedar Park degraded that park. While the no votes came from Donovan and Eichenwald, Schweyer provided both the most hope and disappointment. On the plus side he introduced an amendment which would examine the 20 separate components of the plan in the future. Had they considered rejecting the overall plan and instead treated each component as a separate plan needing approval, they would have achieved the control they lost at Cedar Park. Most disappointing was statements by Schweyer and Guridy that they favor the plan so the park system evolves into something special in the future. Our separate parks are something very special right now. The challenge, especially with this Administration and Park Director, will be preserving what we got.

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Anonymous said...


For their actions (or lack of them) this council should be ashamed of themselves yet somehow they don’t appear to be. What does that tell us?

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Folks who will work from this summer forward to defeat Schweyer at the election box. His home base is Lehigh Parkway South.
To think he of all council members would vote "yes" to destroy an Icon proves his unworthiness for office.

Anonymous said...

FFrom Yesterday's Blog:
"It is distressing to see what has happened down at Cedar Beach. I can only hope and pray that the city's financial problems will halt the so-called progress Weitzel and others are trying to impose on our parks system.
I just wanted to say thank you for being such a strong advocate for our local parks. I appreciate your dedication and attention to this problem, and I wish you the best in weilding some influence tonight. Good luck!"

We also agree in your and others courage in the face of adversity.
A writer yesterday compared the Allentown park system to that
of Fairmont Park in Philly. No way are they similar.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:36, in fairness to schweyer i must point out that 5 council members voted for the plan. what i cannot understand is that they know the weitzel and the administration ignored them about cedar park, they know we are on our knee's financially, and down 17 workers, they complain about the administration showing them inadequate respect, yet they have STILL TO VOTE NO ON ONE ADMINISTRATION PLAN. weitzel has no sensitivity to the parks, these new trails and paths will be nothing more than high speed bike tracks, it's the end of an era.

Anonymous said...

weitzel has no sensitivity to the parks, these new trails and paths will be nothing more than high speed bike tracks, it's the end of an era.

April 8, 2010 8:39 AM

Last night in Lehigh Parkway two cyclists took the middle of the road. Cars exiting the park veared to the opposing side of the roadway and almost hit a runner.

Anonymous said...


A wonderful production of masterpiece theater.

I thought the Rubber Stamp Act came off beautifully.

Author, Author.


(I will spare a thought for poor little Luciana)

Anonymous said...

The public has been involved in every aspect of the Cedar Beach planning. What is going on with the asphalt trails at Cedar Beach is what the public has approved of. The Recreation Director has assured us this is the case. We will have one public meeting before any new phase of the asphalt trails plan moves forward. This is public involvement, the Recreation director says so.

Anonymous said...

Are there any lessons for the children to be learning from this whole debacle known as The Trail Network Plan :

That a local blogger with a passion for local tradition, history and culture has nowhere near the influence or power that a resume-building bureaucrat does, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

All interest groups are special.

However, some interest groups are more special than others.

The bicycle enthusiast lobby, for example.

Yes, we certainly can learn tons from this debacle known as the Trail Network Plan and teach our children well!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Now there will be public input. You can count on it.

Anonymous said...

Fool you once, shame on City bureaucrats.

Fool you twice, shame on you.

That would be the old expression, so far as I can remember it.


Recapping today's top story :

The heavily-favored Bulldozers swept to a decisive 5-2 victory over the brave but lightly regarded and hopelessly overmatched Molovinskys in City Council action last evening.

Bulldozer fan JULIO GURIDY hailed this as a great victory in the battle for Progress in the City With No Limits.

The Bulldozer, for its part, was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that the fix was in with the match referees.

According to veteran observers, it is, however, extremely unlikely that the Bulldozer would ever be made to forfeit today's victory regardless of what actually transpired (behind closed doors).


No Limits? said...

Ten million dollars??? Oh, federal and state grants? OK then, that money fell out of trees and really doesn't count.
Keep up the good reporting Michael,
our City Council may listen some day.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you, Michael, run for city council? Oops, don't meet the residency requirement? How embarrassing.