Feb 26, 2010

No Lassie Service

Al Bundy, serving as honorary Director of Lassie, suspended all bus service as of 8:00 p.m. Thursday.

Speaking at the temporary office of the Jr. High Sports Museum, to be named after him, Bundy said, "Let them walk." It's a long standing policy of Lassie to not allow bus tires to get wet.


RS said...

Based on a book about the year 1950, Lassie got $3,000 for a public appearance. That was also the annual salary of a teacher.

michael molovinsky said...

Lanta Transportation has up to 60 route changes and cancellations it enacts during a snow emergency, including no service to Lehigh Valley Hospital Center. I would think the public would be better served if all that planning went into keeping the normal routes operating. How perplexing the service must be for it's riders.

Anonymous said...

I always thought we had "Snow Emergency Routes" in Allentown that are supposed to take priority over all other streets.

I thought we had those red signs indicating which streets are Snow Emergency Routes in Allentown.

In other words, I thought the powers that be always made it a point to plow the SER roads to the hospitals first and, if nothing else, to keep the roads to the hospitals open?

So, if the SER people are on top of their assigned tasks, exactly how hard it is to keep a bus route open and running to LVHC?

No wonder this country is falling apart in front of our eyes.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:31, my mistake, i confused the emmaus/D route with the general snow schedule. I believe that the K bus still goes to the hospital during the snow emergency schedule. i cannot establish links on these comments, but here is the address for all the snow changes.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute!

The Jr. High School Sports museum is expected to vault Easton to economic wealth of unimaginable proportions.

Perhaps the entire eastern coast of the United States, as well.

Why must everyone be such a nay-sayer all the time?