Nov 17, 2009

Yes We Can

Yes, we can use you for a metaphor, because everybody knows

Well we're living here in Allentown / And they're closing all the factories down

What an inspirational, TelePrompTer speech we're in for. While the local Democratic leadership smile ear to ear, the national media will be looking for scenes to match Billy Joel's images of despair, and they won't have to look hard. Although we have been down so long our local carpetbaggers think it's up, only Obama can profit from our plight. Good Grief !


Anonymous said...

Afraid we can't disagree with you on this one.
National media will focus on the downtown ruins and empty factories. This song was written more than three decades ago but still to many, it is a symbol of Allentown. Actually have met young people who grew up here and lie about it because of the damage this song did to this once All-American city. Why Daddona gave Joel the key to the city for this song continues to be sad commentary.

monkey momma said...

We'll have to see if the national media figures out that Allentown became the way it is thru a long series of fruitful handouts to the unemployed. Will the media or Obama mention that Allentown is known all over the East Coast as THE place to be for maximum welfare benefits?

And, I hardly think Billy Joel is the reason for A-town's demise. If only things were so simple.

Anonymous said...

No one is saying Joel is the reason for the city's demise. We're not quite that stupid. Rather, his song's damaging imagery continues to haunt the city and as a result it is questionable as to his
receiving the city's highest honor!

LVCI said...

The irony is that when more of the indigent come here.. so too social agencies as well that rely of government funding to provide for them.

It's a cash cow for these agencies. If that were not so we see more of these in suburbia. If you have an agency that needs funding.. Allentown's the place to go. Lot's of clients!

It's sort of like the chicken and the egg. Don't know which came first, but one thing's for sure.. they keep populating.

silly joel said...

Billy Joel is hardly the reason,but that 2nd rate little pop tune did create an enduring, inaccurate{closing the mines ???} and negative national impression with a never ending shelf life.
Travel anywhere in the US amd tell people where you live and 4 out of 5 will say,"oh yes, the Billy Joel song".Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

TO: 6.41 am
Daddona himself was a 'sad commentary' for mayor.


Anonymous said...

Oh hooray, Lord God King Obama.

I never see the guy enough on TV anyway.

I am just so thrilled he is coming.

How refreshing to finally have a President who is yack, yack, yack...

Anonymous said...


Allentown is a perfect venue for an Obama visit, after all aren’t the Democrats trying to turn America into Allentown? From a center city location the president can proudly proclaim this is their vision for the entire nation.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Could Mayor bring Joel to Allentown Brew Works to sing during HappyHour Fund Raiser for the Mayors Campaign Fund, possibly the same day the President will be in Allentown.

Anonymous said...


27% "strongly approve Obama"

41% "strongly disapprove"

Barry's Visit said...

Why not have Eddie bring Barry O out to the Brew Works at the Golf Course? Show him some how pay to play really works. Unless, of course, there is a wedding or corporate event shceduled that day.

michael molovinsky said...

i post your comment with some hesitation. although i believe allentown does not have a level playing field, i find the term "pay to play" too accusatory without substantiation.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Joel's Allentown song came out. I was living in Bethlehem then. I remember the mayor of Allentown said he was checking into seeing if he could sue Joel over the song. I remember laughing about how inept and foolish a top official of a city could be. Then I made the mistake of moving to Allentown. I'm not laughing anymore.