Sep 23, 2009

Cedar Fair Midway

Unfortunately this post isn't about the Cedar Fair which owns Dorney Park, it's about the City of Allentown and Cedar Creek Park. Citizens who attended the City Council Park Meeting on Aug. 13th were told that the park plan was a living, breathing work in progress. As shown in the diagram below, that progress has resulted in a new circuit path in the Rose Garden side of the Park, which can serve no use other than a midway loop for special events. The new additional path is below or south of the stream and has two cross paths which bisect the open space even more. I have seen go-kart tracks with more open space. Seeking an explanation for this unnecessary path beyond use as a midway, the Park Director said I would have to ask his landscape consultant. Ironically in 2005, the Trexler Trust hired the prestigious firm of Gannett Fleming to study the Allentown Park System. Their conclusion on page 30 of a 143 page report:

The City’s reputation for hosting major regional events is unparalleled, However, too many of the activities are placed in the same limited locations within the City. This exerts excessive impacts on a few parks and their adjacent neighborhoods.... Lessen the impact of holding several major events at Cedar Creek Park

Cedar Creek Park, as we know it, is essentially being destroyed by Pawlowski and Weitzel. I don't blame them, they have no ties to the area or knowledge of parks. The dereliction of duty by the Trexler Trust is unforgivable. The plan clearly violates the
conclusions reached in the very study they sponsored. Stewardship of the park system is their primary mandate; Shame on them. Shame on Friends of the Allentown Parks. Shame on the Environmental Advisory Council. Shame on the Rose Garden Neighborhood Association. Enjoy your Go-Kart track, I remember when it was a nationally recognized park.


ironpigpen said...


I, too, will remember the glorious days when it WAS a nationally recognized park.

I think, at the end of the day, people will end up exceptionally disappointed with this whole thing.

That will take some time, however.

The people can choke on their political correctness later, if necessary.

I am glad, if only for posterity, MM had the courage and conviction to document this disaster in the making.

If my main prediction hold true, I expect some revisionist history to go down.

You will make the RHs look silly.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Go Kart City is pretty much on the mark, Molovinsky. There is a park that will remain nameless that recently had vandals drive back and forth across meadows leaving endless tire marks and damage. It is very easy for cars and such to gain access to many of Allentown's park lands. The issue of ADA Act and the Rose Garden should have been challenged as we have been told (and it needs verification) that exemptions are permitted for historic sites and parks that to bring up-to-code would cause permanent damage. Now that the Rose Garden is paved in concrete, there will be go-karts and even if neighbors call the over-worked police, by the time an officer gets there, the karts will be gone.

Anonymous said...

At least one of the six Trexler Trustees has been ill this year. How many even voted on this plan would be interesting to find out.

Anonymous said...

a little off the topic but do you know if anyone attended that parking authority 4 p.m. meeting yesterday? and if so, what happened?

Anonymous said...

Suspect the Rose Garden is getting prepared for future art shows and the like.

Anonymous said...

If someone had the time, they could find one of the first Call stories on this park expansion where Weitzel is quoted along the lines that the walkway was being installed so women's high heels wouldn't get stuck in the dirt. The comment was so "out there" that we distinctly remember it.

Anonymous said...

A midway hardly makes any sense when the entire one side of it is clearly labeled as growth buffer.

But to tell you the truth, I like the midway idea. Step right up!

Anonymous said...

MM -

The big question is whether council will step up, do what's right, and put a stop to this.

Or will it again take a meeting room full of residents to get their attention. They seem to be somewhat out of touch.

ironpigpen said...

"Somewhat out of touch"

Like The Morning Call with sanity as their poll question reveals today:

"Should Obama Be President For Life?"

GOOD GRIEF - FOR SHAME The Morning Call. Do the editors smoke crack? Yes, yes I think they do.

Clearly, they are under the influence of every drug known to man.

Washington was offered lifetime position and not only TURNED IT DOWN, but WARNED LIFETIME LEADERS ARE BAD, BAD, BAD

To even ASK the question is despicable and COMPLETELY NOT THE AMERICAN WAY.

At least historically speaking.

MC is a progressive liberal rag not fit to wipe my butt.

As of 4:15 pm:

9.6 % have said "Yes, Obama should be President for Life"

Wait until Obama NATIONALIZES ILLEGAL patient.

This is just a trial balloon. There will be more. Count on it.

Anyone want to tell me NOW The Morning Call is NOT bucking for a bailout (or change to tax-exempt status, a defacto bailout)?

Wannabe Dictator Obama's radical agenda is obvious and GARBAGE, at least to REAL AMERICANS WHO KNOW AMERICAN HISTORY

To arms, to arms - Obama is coming.

Oh crap, he is already here. Forget it.


PS - Former VP Mondale came out and reiterated former President Carter's claim that ALL AMERICANS WHO OPPOSE OBAMA's POLICIES ARE RACIST

google it

NEXT WEEK MC POLL - "Pawlowksi Mayor For Life?"

ironpigpen said...

Ahmadinejad ran his mouth a little today.

We ran a little piece on Black September and the Munich Olympic Games.

Golda Meir is a candidate for today's Most Valuable Player honors, along with Mossad and 11 athletes / coaches and one police officer.