Aug 9, 2009

Cedar Park and The Shadow Mayor

Yesterday I introduced you to my new alter-ego; Who knows what shenanigans lurk in the corridors of City Hall- The Shadow Mayor knows! My information comes from the blogosphere, back channel sources and until very recently, posing as a janitor at City Hall; the recent layoff of 39 employees has made that disguise problematic. The Shadow comes forward now because of the interplay between my two previous posts. Two days ago I failed our two professor councilmen for giving the citizens the run around. As an anonymous commenter on Bernie O'Hare's Rambling Blog observed; council is so concerned about process and procedure regarding citizen input yet so uncaring about "process' when they approve plans. City Council let the 80 or so citizens go home wednesday evening believing that they have summoned the Mayor and Park Director to the hot seat this coming thursday. Yesterday, Pawlowski's letter began surfacing; in it he indicates the public is invited to come thursday for reeducation and misconception re-mediation. An address to Pawlowski's actual letter is now included with the Shadow's version in yesterday's posting. Is Council summoning the Mayor, or is Council channeling the citizens for the Mayor's benefit? Recently Professor/Councilman Donovan wrote that his research indicates that at 19,750 sq. ft. playground should only accommodate 200 children, not 567, because he found a website recommending 10 sq. ft. per child. More recently he indicated that he could support no playground larger than for 200 children. (which by his formula is still 19,750 sq. ft.) in other-words, it's the same boloney sandwich repackaged with a new wrapper. Apparently our professors have us confused with impressionable 18 year college freshman. Our Mayor thinks if we don't agree with him we must have misunderstood. Let us go to that meeting and give them a lesson.

ADDENDUM: In fairness to Michael Donovan, it must be pointed out that he is being somewhat punished for his accessibility.
He alone, as a Council-person, has a blog,( where he discusses his opinions
and interacts with the citizens.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, times have changed. Cultural memory, a sense of permanence in belonging to a place, style, class and character are not it. They are the Atlantic City of many many years gone by.

We live in Wildwood now. Times have changed. The more noise and sensory distraction the better. There is no place for reality in Allentown anymore.

This is about the selling of Allentown to the highest bidder. Who cares what their scruples are, the money and power is what is important. The vagabond mayor and his down trodden crew, The Royal City Council, are not even worthy of parts in a "Pirates of The Caribbean" sequel.

They hunt for treasure, to them the "Holy Grail". We have been set up. The performance on Thursday will be entertaining to say the least. It apparently has been planned in concert with His Honor King Edwin and the cast of characters who banter back and forth in the show of ineptness.

First lassie will have her minions, sorry no homeless at this show, in tow and the heart strings will certainly be pulled. Ed will have on his requisite blue shirt and green tie and a big FY smile on his face.

"Nothing wrong her Ma". "Every thing is just fine." "Who are these dissenters", muses King Ed? "Haven't they been drinking the local water?" "If they had no one would complain."

Those who decent be prepared to have the letter D painted on your back, chest and tattooed on your foreheads. You will be able to identify Ed supporters. They will be characterized by the letter "A". Some literally and some figuratively written all over them.

Rumor has it there will also be a guest appearance by the blue ribbon panel who will run the evenings silent auction fund raiser. See you there.

PS:A = Adultery - you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget to remind your readers Weitzel todate has refused to share copies of Destination Playground final blueprints with city council, residents, city council, taxpayers, city council, concerned citizens, the news media (well, we can understand that) and The Shadow.

Anonymous said...

You guys are sad...creating alter egos, speaking in silly tongues about the days gone by, etc.

Please stop lamenting our current condition, get out of the way of growth, and offer suggestions for improvement rather than your opposition to change.

You're grown adults. Please act like it.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:06, what is sad is taking an iconic park, a nationally recognized gem, making totally unnecessary changes, and calling it improvements.

you want growth and improvements, concentrate on the city center which this administration appears clueless about.

the shadow mayor aka michael molovinsky

anonymous aka anonymous aka anonymous aka anonymous

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for council to cite the mayor with deception since he only this week is to show council "final" park plans?

Anonymous said...

To 11:06
get out of the way of growth,


michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:50, i've been told that every structure being replaced in the rose garden area is actually in pretty good shape

paving the jogging/walking surface is bad policy, inviting biking on the same narrow path can be a disaster

i know we do not have the expertise or manpower to properly fulfill the expectations of a destination playground

i have documented the deterioration of the irreplaceable WPA structures in our park system

many other parks are in disrepair, such as trout, and the canal parks.

we have a mayor and park director who do not appreciate our iconic park system or who are not satisfied with just being good stewards of it.

the normal safeguards, such as the trexler trust, have been politicized and made ineffective.

the people must exert themselves to defend the parks

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06

You must have been shamed a lot by Mommy and Daddy. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any. You must be a real joy killer.

I suppose you also pick a whole plethora of people you deem wiser and more knowledgeable than you and beg them to lead.

Wake up and educate yourself about the world. Also you might want to take a walking tour of center city north of Turner to Sumner from 4th to 12th and see what life in this city is really like.

We will see if we can get a police escort for you.

Anonymous said...

Monday, Aug. 10.

Mr. Molovinsky,
Is it true Rose Garden construction continues today although Pawlowski promised last Wednesday night he would cease till 20th?

Anonymous said...

Please tell us more about the county's involvement in this park plan? First we've heard of this.
Wouldn't county council have had to approve funding allocation or can Cunningham dispurse such funds on his own without council nor any public documentation?

Anonymous said...

No one would pave a running path if they did not have multiple uses in mind. Someone is hiding something.

Anonymous said...


When you speak of the danger of runners and bikers on the same narrow path, you are speaking the truth.

Years ago, more than 20, a tragic incident took place in Trexler Park between a bicyclist and others. That is why no biking is permitted.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:37

1. there was an attempt to stop the public from speaking last wednesday, that almost succeeded if not for eichenwalds persistence
2. the city clerk was encouraged to say the citizen petition submitted demanding a cease and desist was the "lowest" form of public participation allowed under the charter
3. the city attorney was asked to confirm that there wasn't much council could do at this point.
4. council says it demands the mayor to appear, and the mayor says the public is invited to be straighten out the misinformation
5. the concession made not to begin before aug. 20th, only pertained to the playground, and was nothing of meaning

Anonymous said...

The word is that the Mayor has once again used one of his favorite tactics again. He sent a message out to his misguided friends again. Two local pastors, one at Life church, The other at
3rd Day Worship Center announced during their Sunday services that the Mayor needs their help this thursday! "That the West end people are against minorities and physically challenged people having a playground in their neighberhood".
I cannot beleive they would fall for such a deceiving trick. Clearly no-one is against this at all. What they are against is the grand scope of the project. This is the same tactic he uses to get votes (people need to wake up and sit back and look at all the lies and deception this man continues to demonstrate! You would think that the smart people of the churches would have that gut feeling on just how fake and not trust worthy Edwin Pawlowski is!
The Pastors should also be ashamed of themselves if they haven't done their homework on the current situation in regards to the Playground plans. To simply ask their church members to support The Mayor in this issue is ludacris and foolish. All they have to do is get the transcripts from the past three meetings in council chambers and they will see that absolutely no-one ever used "race or physically challenged" in their concerns about the Destination Playground. So the Mayor once again Lied to all of them! Wake up!

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:45, i heard of the county contribution from two different sources,but don't know about the mechanism used. it certainly gives the neighbors of the park, over the line, in southwhitehall, justification to participate in the discussion.

Anonymous said...

MM said: "in southwhitehall, justification to participate in the discussion."
August 10, 2009 9:43 AM

You don't mean outsiders?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"the concession made not to begin before aug. 20th, only pertained to the playground, and was nothing of meaning"

I disagree. My recollection is that the pledge extended to everything. But even if it did not, the council resilution DID extend to everything and pawlowski is thumbing his nose at it.

" Two local pastors, one at Life church, The other at
3rd Day Worship Center announced during their Sunday services that the Mayor needs their help this thursday!"

This is incredible if true. Can anyone substantiate this anonymous claim?

Anonymous said...

To 9:40:

You make very good points but who knows if he's given them money. He use to have a business relationship with one local city pastor that we've been told soured.

ironpigpen said...

Molovinsky is a hero with a backbone who cares about local tradition, local history and local culture.

Too bad so many have a hard time seeing that.

Guys like you are dwindling, dude.

Keep going. Gestapo was at my place last night looking for you. I told them you were hiding in Iceland.

Anonymous said...

"Two local pastors, one at Life church, The other at
3rd Day Worship Center announced during their Sunday services that the Mayor needs their help this thursday! "That the West end people are against minorities and physically challenged people having a playground in their neighberhood".

Shame on these pastors.

If they had taken one moment to think this through they would have recognized that it is West Enders who welcome with open arms the cultural diversity of students from countries around the world to award-winning Cedar Crest and Muhlenberg Colleges.
That's in addition to the warm welcome extended to Cedar Crest's first African-American college president! Shame on them indeed!

Anonymous said...

Who would wish to attend a church where the pastor decided an issue based on one bias souce.

Anonymous said...

" Two local pastors, one at Life church, The other at
3rd Day Worship Center announced during their Sunday services that the Mayor needs their help this thursday!"

This is incredible if true. Can anyone substantiate this anonymous claim?

Yes i can confirm that this happened this past Sunday, I have family members at both churches who informed me of this. This mayor is really Sad if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Didn't these pastors by their own actions this week violate the separation of church and state, thereby risking their non-tax status?

michael molovinsky said...

anon 10:09, the city line around 30th, 31st, is very irregular. although some technically live in SouthWhitehall, they will be very much affected by the park plans. in my definition, outsiders are people who were not raised here, or have lived here long enough to grasp what is important to the locals.

bernie, i recall the halt being only applicable to the playground. i recall the resolution to halt implementation being referred to committee this 13th. after reading mrs. pawlowski's letter, i can believe the mayor imposed on local pastors, although we agree that is no confirmation

ironpigpen said...

ANON 11:06,

Maybe conditions in the city of Allentown in days gone by are WAY BETTER than current conditions in the city of Allentown today.

Do you even know what Allentown was like 20 years ago, or 40?

My first inclination is to highly doubt it because, if you did, you would be hard-pressed to talk about anything remotely employing either truth or a straight face about anything other than decline and depression of the city of Allentown during that time period.


Response on-line to Letter To Editor printed in the Morning Call Saturday


"Came To Center City"
Brantford, Canada

"I think a handicapped park is a GREAT idea, but why must it be at the expense of this beautiful park?

There are SO many areas in this city that are run-down, forgotten and uncared for...Why can't we take one of those sites and create this park? Why pave over one of the last natural beautful places in this area?

And, before you tell me to "rot in hell" for picking on the handicapped, that is NOT what I am save it."

Anonymous said...

"Gestapo was at my place last night looking for you. I told them you were hiding in Iceland.
August 10, 2009 10:40 AM"

Funny, I told them Molovinsky was at South Mountain tagging trees.

Anonymous said...

Re: Councilman Donovan,
You're right. It does take courage for any government official to have a blog where his/her words are difficult to distort. Many Allentown council members make it impossible to even telephone them, much less blog them.

Anonymous said...

Life church is more political than religious any way. This comes as no surprise.

Randy has lost control and Jones and Pawlowski are moving in. Just my opinion

Anonymous said...


If we may go back in time, believe it or not, the "church member round-up" ploy was the same action used against Catch 22/The DL when City officials decided to use their weight against THIS location. I hate this is happening to Cedar Beach because I go running there daily and I love the way the dirt paths feel as I circle around the lake, but I must ask, WHERE were all these protesters when I was writing and blogging about how the City was railroading CATCH 22 in the EXACT same way ? Let's compare...
They want to "supposedly" build a better park for children with disabilities and minorities/they closed CATCH 22 down to "supposedly" lower crime in the Allentown area; they believe it will become a "destination location", although, Allentown is already historically famous for its' parks/they believed that once CATCH 22 was closed down, crime would lower or shrink, although, there were more crimes committed around the Allentown police station neighborhood than in the CATCH 22 area, and as far as crime diminishing....

I'm just sayin',