Jun 26, 2009

Sign Of The Times

The new sign at Cedar Beach is about where the entrance will be for the new "Destination Playground". I think the park plan and the sign have much in common; they're both high tech and flimsy. Although printed on a fiberboard, the frame is reinforced to withstand a storm. Looking at it, I though of the Carly Simon song, You're So Vain; I suppose it was ordered before my bitching, but it does say fast sign on back. It was pricey, complete with photo images. It says the plans were made with extensive public input. (sorry, the sign is so new and shiny my camera flash bounced off those words) Considering they wanted "extensive public input" before the design, they should not mind some scrutiny now.
The sign is about 6 by 10 ft.
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Anonymous said...

There are so many financial issues on a state and local level.

Look what the object of the administrations obsession is.

This borders on psychosis.

Allentown is falling apart, the park system is our gem and were going to turn it into a green midway.

Get a grip guys.

bill weber said...

It is creeping meatballism predictably choreographed by creeps.

LVCI said...

Kinda makes me think about MJ's 'Neverland Ranch'

Anonymous said...

Did they get a permit to install the sign or does the park czar do what he wants.

Oh, speaking of signs (thanks for the lead-in) what about the private developer's sign that is
still on city-owned right-of-way
by the Trout Creek underpass and Mack Blvd. Why should that builder (and mayoral contributor) be permitted to install such a sign on public property!!! Answers, anyone.

Anonymous said...

Just a day ago city hall stated it can't hire new park employees because of lack of funds. Who is going to maintain this amuseument park? Please ask Weitzel.

Anonymous said...


Did you notice how many restrooms this plan provides? With 500 or so children, it sure better be a lot. Seriously though, it better.

Anonymous said...

Were you ever able to find out from Weitzel exactly how many public meetings city hosted to highlight this amusement park before plans were finalized. Think it was two.

As for Cedar Beach Park plan,
some suggest it is being rushed through by Trexler trustees because they don't have much else to show for their "trustee" efforts.

Anonymous said...

The evil eminence behind this disgusting project is Malcolm Gross, III. Unaccountable to nobody, and a disgrace to the memory of his grandfather and father... both repectable people and mayors of Allentown. I would never vote for him, if and when he decides to run for mayor, after this absolute travesty.


michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:13, i am also disappointed in gross's enabling of this plan, however, your words are unduly harsh. i would prefer to criticize the plan, not the people involved.

Anonymous said...

Just who does M.G. III think he is? Word on the street is he is responsible for plan to use former park bldg as wedding hall. Where are banquet hall owners? Why don't they speak out?
We too heard M.G. III wants to run for mayor. Perhaps after P.
Republicans of late seem unable to deliver appropriate candidate.


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